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Vince Connelly - CS IAB

"Vince Connelly - CS IAB"


Vince Connelly’s career continues to revolve around growing people to solve today’s challenges while preparing them for the flexibility and speed of tomorrow’s opportunities. Many of these people continue to be predominantly engineering staff frequently with degrees in Computer Science, Math and related engineering degrees.

Vince received his B.S. degree in Economics from South Dakota State University in 2000. He also holds an M.S. degree in Information Systems from Dakota State University and an A.S. in Accounting from Park University. His education has combined both engineering and business courses.

U.S Marine Corps

In 1993, Vince joined the Marines where he was introduced to the impact of technology on operations. During this time, he gained two occupational specialties: Accounting and Small Computer Systems. The experience started simple with fixing computers and continued on to more advanced networking and implementing what felt like cutting edge systems at that time. This experience led Vince’s desire to pursue the combination of engineering and business.


In 1997, Vince joined Daktronics where his experience started as college intern and evolved into engineering leadership. During his time at Daktronics, Vince worked to align Corporate IT and Product Engineering talent. He worked to identify, recruit, and grow future leaders. During this time, Vince was also responsible for bringing a large SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product from conception to market. His responsibilities included: corporate enterprise systems, project management, software development, data management, internet systems, control systems products, product management, new product creation and others as needed. These responsibilities went from individual performer to leading staff across multiple areas. This experience fostered Vince’s focus on growing and aligning talent in a culture deeply rooted in team centric learning.


In 2011, Vince joined Omnitech as Director of Engineering Services. In this role, Vince focused on developing an alignment between the needs of industry within our region and a deepening talent pool within Omnitech and on their client teams. The concept was to develop an ecosystem that accelerates the depth of technical talent and drives growth across many industries in our region including health, finance, insurance, manufacturing and technology.


In 2016, Vince returned to Daktronics with a focus on supporting the growth of engineers focused on product development. The goals is to assist these engineers on a lifelong learning journey and career development.