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IP Lab Graduate Student Theses

IP Theses Books

The theses graduate students wrote about their research in this lab are listed below:


Chitimalli, Sandeep Kumar. Reflectance-based calibration and validation of the Landsat satellite archive


Bhatta, Suman. Band to band calibration and relative gain analysis of satellite sensors using deep convective clouds.

Pesta, Frank. Relative radiometric characterization and corrections of the Landsat 8 OLI using the on-orbit side-slither maneuver.

Shrestha, Ashish. A validation and update of Landsat sensor calibration using pseudo-invariant sites and dark targets.


Koirala, Sudip. Development of automatic cloud mask over PICS to support Landsat calibration

Naher, Jannatun. Application of Prosail reflectance model to SD crops and grasses.   


KC, Subash. 40 years global estimation of aerosol optical depth profiles using MISR and ROMS aerosol products


Karanjit, Sudeep. Creation of a continuous ozone dataset from 1972 onwards and its effect on remote sensing

Shrestha, Sandip. An updated radiometric calibration of the Hyperion sensor


Chander, Gyanesh. Theoretical and applied radiometric cross-calibration of satellite optical sensors

Karki, Sadhana. Radiometric calibration and uncertainty analysis of Landsat MSS sensors using a radiance based approach on pseudo-invariant calibration sites

Mishra, Nischal. Use of EO-1 hyperion to perform spectral band adjustment of Landsat- 7 ETM+ and Terra Modis sensors for accurate cross calibration

Shilpakar, Dinesh. Relative modulation transfer function correction of degraded Landsat 4 thematic mapper detectors

Rijal, Ashok. Analysis of Antarctica as a potential satellite calibration site using the moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometer (MODIS) sensor


Basnet, Bikash. Identification of worldwide optimal pseudo-invariant calibration sites for post-launch radiometric calibration of Earth observation satellite sensors.

Shrestha, Alok Kumar. Relative gain characterization and correction for push broom sensors on lifetime image statistics and wavelet filtering. 


Bhatt, Rajendra. Consistent radiometric calibration of Landsat-1 through -5 MSS sensors using pseudo-invariant calibration sites. 

Morstad, Daniel. Automated pseudo-invariant calibration site selection using temporal statistics. 

Uprety, Sirish. Radiometric stability analysis of Landsat-1 through -5 MSS sensors


Malla, Rimy. Radiometric calibration of reflective bands of the Landsat 4 and 5 thematic mappers using multiple calibration sources. 


Davoux, Daren. Long term implications of ethanol-based fuel on an aviation aircraft fuel system

Nagamalla, Ganga Prasad. Colorimetry Sensor Design


Adusei, Bernard. Landsat scene normalization using MODIS 250 meter tree cover map

Hun Lee, Jae. Development of an image database web service for Landsat archive using XML-RPC. 


Angal, Amit. Advanced Land Imager relative gain characterization and correction

Haque, Obaidul. Optimal estimation of Landsat 5 thematic mapper gain

Kim, Jung Yeon. Development of web-based clipping mechanism for Landsat imagery

Puppala, Ravi. Design and implementation of histogram equalization for the Landsat thematic mapper


Darbha, Ravikanth. Geometric characterization of Ikonos and Quickbird high resolution imagery

Madhavan, Sriharsha. Landsat 5 relative gain analysis characterization of the relative radiometric gain of all reflective channels of the Landsat 5 thematic mapper.

Mettler, Cory. Radiometric characterization and calibration of the Landsat 4 thematic mapper cold focal plane


Hijazi, Samer L. A one-year radiometric evaluation of the Advanced Land Imager (ALI)

Kempaiah Rangaswamy, Manjunath. Quickbird II: two dimensional on-orbit modulation transfer function analysis using convex mirror array

Micijevic, Esad. Landsat 5: characterization of outgassing effects on the thematic mapper cold focal plane


Law, Yoon-Pheng. Landsat 7 EMT+ coherent noise characterization and correction. 


Liew, Siau-Way. Landsat 5 thematic mapper cold focal plane characterization


Ruggles, Timothy A. Registration of remotely sensed images using rasterized vector data sources and edge images


Yang, Kun. Measuring image quality of stereo image pairs after lossy compression


Chen, Qiong. Image noise filtering by using a local median and median variance estimator

Choate, Mike. Filtering with the wavelet transform

Jamshedji, Sheriar. Writing image processing applications using objected-oriented programming


Abbas, Magdi. Removing spot panchromatic noise.

Kommareddy, Priya K. Image noise filtering by using a local variance estimator

Steinwand, Daniel R. Algorithms for the automated matching of remotely sensed imagery


Drackley, Thomas Eugene. Truncation effects of a debanding algorithm used on Landsat TM images

Hassan, Rizgar. Wavelets and signal processing.