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CS Lab Monitor Position - Fall 2020

Dear All CS graduate students,

We would like to announce the TA position(s) of the MSCS program for the fall of 2020.  As you know, the usual roles of these TA positions have been a lab monitor and a grader of the undergraduate courses.  However, we are going to temporally change the roles of the TA positions for this academic year.  Since the COVID-19, we are not going to provide a face-to-face lab monitor service in DEH 131.  The new TAs' roles will be 55% to grade/help the undergraduate courses and 45% to assist the graduate faculty's research project.   

"Selection Procedure for Graduate Lab Assistant" on the EECS web page will NOT be applied for this academic year. 

The qualification, selection process, and policy of the TA for this academic year will be as follows:

  1. Candidate's minimum GPA is 3.25 or higher
  2. The Computer Science MS Program will not consider any student who has been involved in academic dishonesty, e.g., cheating on quizzes, tests or examinations, plagiarism, duplicate work of homework assignments, etc.
  3. Application and up-to two-pages resume must be submitted to by NOON, August 7. No late applications will be accepted.
  4. Selection: Graduate faculty will evaluate research potential and candidates' qualification.
  5. At the time of appointment, graduate assistants will be given a set of rules and responsibilities. 
  6. All new graduate assistants will have a one-semester probation period during which they will be evaluated.


Sung Shin


Download the Lab Monitor Application.