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CPSS Minutes - Spring 2015

Center for Power Systems Studies - Spring Meeting
Rapid City – April 23, 2015

Call to Order

Steve Hietpas called the meeting to order at 11:00 a.m.

Recording Secretary

McCord Stowater – Heartland Consumers Power District

Roll Call


  • Steven Hietpas - CPSS Coordinator – SDSU
  • Wes Wingen - Black Hills Corporation
  • Larry DeKramer - East River Electric Power Cooperative
  • McCord Stowater - Heartland Consumers Power District
  • Frank Kornbaum - Minnesota Power Company
  • Austin Hoekman - Missouri River Energy Services
  • Randy Diede - WAPA – Huron
  • Mark Buchholz - WAPA – Watertown

Associate Members

  • Mike Bowers - Rushmore Electric Power Cooperative
  • Paul Bachman - DGR Engineering
  • Tim Ostermeier - Power Engineers, Inc.

Member Companies Not Represented:

  • Basin Electric Power Cooperative
  • MidAmerican Energy
  • NorthWestern Energy
  • Otter Tail Power Company
  • Xcel Energy, Inc. South Dakota


  • Wei Sun - SDSU

Approve Agenda

Larry DeKramer moved and Wes Wingen seconded to accept the agenda as submitted. Motion carried.

Approve Minutes of Oct. 7, 2014 Fall Meeting

Mark Buchholz moved and Austin Hoekman seconded to accept the minutes. Motion carried.

Comments: Deletion of “Dr.” from minutes

Coordinator’s Report: Report for the Spring Meeting was included in packet. Some of the highlights of the report were:

Power Course Update

  • Increase in activity and graduate students
  • Update on courses being offered
  • Power technology tour being taken over by Sun and Tonkoski

Power Faculty Update

  • Updates on students graduated, projects, research and efforts given by both Sun and Tonkoski

Scholarship Activity

  • $40,000 in Scholarships
  • 60% direct result of power community sponsorship
  • $25,000 already contributed into Wayne Knabach scholarship. Looking for more funds. Contact Steve Hietpas or Dean Brown for more information.

Status of Power Students

  • Eleven students graduated in spring 2015. Of that, 6 are power students.
  • Five to six students still actively looking for internships. 2-3 pending offers
  • Eleven students already with summer internships/positions

Summer Power and/or CPSS Activity

  • Reviewed activities of Hietpas, Tonkoski, Sun and their future meetings and events

Membership Update

New Associate Member Applications

  • Burns & McDonnell, Minneapolis, MN
    • Randy Diede moved and Larry DeKramer seconded to accept the Burns and McDonnell as associate member. Motion carried.
  • Star Energy Services, LLC, Alexandria, MN
    • Frank Kornbaum moved and Tim Ostermeier seconded to accept the Star Energy as associate member. Motion carried.

Committee Reports

2015-2016 Proposed Budget Report

  • Reviewed income budget and actual budget from 14-15’
    • Total budget is $41,750 proposed for 15-16’
    • Actual income for 14-15’ was $37,735
  • Expenses for 15-16’ projected at $41,750
    • Actual expenses for 14-15’ was $41,606.50
    • Possible increase in graduate student salary support
  • Frank Kornbaum moved and Tim Ostermeier seconded to accept the Budget Proposal as submitted. Motion carried.

2014 South Dakota Regional Biennial Power Conference Report

  • 70 total attended conference and 87 attended the banquet
  • Review of income and expenses
    • CPSS in the black for $131 compared to budget

Proposed - 2016 South Dakota Regional Biennial Power Conference

  • Ideal talked about increasing fee for conference/banquet to $150 to remove CPSS share
  • Room reserved for both September 26-27 and October 3-4. Official date will be decided later.
  • Conference logistics discussed as well as presentations, speakers, and conference topics.
  • Suggestion from Paul Bachman for PUC speaker about stray voltage
    • More info at

Wayne Knabach Excellence in Power Award Selection

  • Nomination by Frank Kornbaum for Robert Zavadil from EnerNex
  • Chair of selection committee requested this item to be temporarily tabled.
  • Hietpas will follow up with committee to gather additional nominations and will follow up with an email vote during month of June.

Student Project Proposals

  • Reviewed 6 student project proposals and discussed qualifications and quality of projects.  
  • Projects with shown interest for CPSS support
    • Net-zero Energy Electric Vehicle Charging Station submitted by Tonkoski
    • Solar Array Analysis submitted by Sioux Valley Energy
    • Wait for project from Power Engineers

Fall Meeting Date is October 5, 2015

Express Appreciation to Wes Wingen and Black Hills Power for hosting spring meeting

Mark Buchholz moved and Tim Ostermeier seconded to accept the express appreciation to Wes Wingen and Black Hills Power for hosting spring meeting. Motion carried.


The meeting adjourned at approximately 2:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

McCord Stowater – Heartland Consumers Power District
Recording Secretary
April 23, 2015
Typed and Submitted May 15, 2015