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CPSS Coordinator's Report - Fall 2017

Center for Power Systems Studies – Fall Meeting
October 02, 2017

To:    Members of Center for Power Systems Studies
        Associate Members of Power Systems Studies
        Guests in attendance

The Center for Power Systems Studies is entering its 50th year of operation! Below is a summary of some of the past years’ power-related activities and events, since the spring meeting.

Summer – Fall 2017: Faculty and Student Summer Projects/Research Update


Worked with CPSS Awards Committee on selection of the 2017 WEK Excellence in Power Awardee
Worked with conference committee planning for 2018 CPSS SoDaRP Conference
Conducted Academic Leadership Training Workshop in Pierre for new SDBOR University Department Heads
Chair of the Central States Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads Association


Graduated Students

  • Manisha Maharjan, "Adaptive Droop-Based Active Power Curtailment Method for Overvoltage Prevention in Low Voltage Distribution Network.".
  • Prajina Tandukar, M.S., “Energy Management System Considering Battery Lifetime”, (Co-advisors: Timothy Hansen, Robert Fourney)

Currently Students:

  • Two PhD students
    • Coordination of Virtual Inertia in Microgrids
    • Developing Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems for Low Voltage Distribution Systems
  • Two MS EE graduate students
    • Fuel Consumption Reduction in PV-Diesel Hybrid Microgrids Operation of Data Center Microgrids as Virtual Power Plants
    • Voltage Control in LV Systems with High Penetration of PV.

Proposals awarded:
Tonkoski, R. (Principal), Michael, S. K. (Co-Principal), Doom, J. J. (Co-Principal), Ni, Z. (Co-Principal), Hansen, T. M. (Co-Principal), "MRI: Acquisition of a Microgrid Cyber-Physical Testbed for Advanced Energy Management Systems," Sponsored by NSF, Federal, $360,516.00. (September 15, 2017 - August 31, 2020).

IEEE Siouxland Section Chair
IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative Committee
EE Scholarship Program Committee Chair
IEEE Student Branch Advisor
EE UG Curriculum Committee
CPSS 2016 Conference Planning Committee


Graduated students

  • Prajina Tandukar, M.S., “Energy Management System Considering Battery Lifetime” (Co-advisors: Reinaldo Tonkoski, Robert Fourney)

Current students

  • Supervising 2 PhD EE graduate students
    • Market-based approach to new control methods in the combined transmission and distribution network using the aggregation of distribution-level assets
    • Applied High-performance-computing for sustainable power systems
  • Supervising 3 MS EE graduate students
    • Residential and Commercial Building Energy Management Systems for reduced energy costs, demand response, and reduction in network congestion (data centers, commercial buildings, residential homes). Three students (co-supervised with Dr. Robert Fourney) – one hardware, one algorithms
  • Supervised 3 EE undergraduate student researchers
    • Two students working on parallel optimal power flow
    • One student working on communication protocols for home energy management

Proposals awarded:
Co-Principal Investigator: “Next Generation Energy Management System for Future Smart Homes,” from South Dakota Board of Regents Competitive Research Grant Program, Principal Investigator – Zhen Ni, August 21, 2017 to August 20, 2018, Award: $80,000.

IEEE HKN Faculty Advisor
IEEE PES Power Engineering Education Committee (PEEC) Awards Subcommittee Secretary, Co-Chair
IEEE Siouxland Section Young Professionals Chair
Program Committee, “Smart Electric Power Systems for Smart Cities,” 15th IEEE International Conference on Smart City (SmartCity 2017), Bangkok, Thailand, December 2017.
CPSS SoDaRP Conference Planning Committee 2017/2018


Graduate students:

  • Students graduated
    • Avijit Das, MS, Thesis title: “Efficient Energy Optimization for Smart Grid and Smart Community”.
    • Naresh Malla, MS, Thesis title: “Intelligent Learning Control System Design Based on Adaptive Dynamic Programming”.
  • Current students
    • Two Ph.D. student
      • Research on cyber-physical power system security
      • Research on smart home and smart community energy optimization
  • Four MS students
    • Applications of adaptive dynamic programming control for power system and power electronics control
    • New adaptive dynamic programming learning algorithm development
    • Load frequency control for microgrid with renewable energy integration
    • Optimal operation management for microgrid energy system
  • One senior design team
    • Raven Smart Valve Project

Proposal awarded:

  • PI: “Next Generation Energy Management System for Future Smart Homes,” from South Dakota Board of Regents Competitive Research Grant Program, August 2017 -  August, 2018, Award: $80,000.
  • PI: “A pilot study of financial incentives towards power and energy security in a residential community,” from South Dakota State University Research/Scholarship Support, March 2017 – March 2018, Award: $2,000

Award and Honor

  • Best Paper Award: “Experimental Verification of Virtual Inertia in Diesel Generator based Microgrids,” in IEEE Industrial Electronics Society's 18th International Conf. on Industrial Technology (ICIT), Toronto, Canada.

Guest Editor, IET Cyber-Physical Systems: Theory & Applications. Special Issue on: Cyber Physical Power Systems: Advanced Intelligent Technologies and Applications
Lead organizer: special session "Adaptive Dynamic Programming and Reinforcement Learning for Smart Power Grid and Sustainable Energy Systems", at IEEE SSCI-ADPRL Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, November, 2017
Co-organizer: special session "Novel Distributed Adaptive Dynamic Programming and Reinforcement Learning Designs for Networked Multi-Agent Systems", at IEEE SSCI-ADPRL Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, November, 2017
Technical Program Committee Member: IEEE SSCI – Adaptive Dynamic Programming and Reinforcement Learning 2017
Committee Member: IEEE CIS Graduate Student Research Grants Committee
Served as EE Faculty Representative Committee
Served on the EE Robotics Club Faculty Advisor
Served on the CPSS 2017 Conference Planning Committee

Power-Faculty Course Update


Fall 2017

  • EE 420/L Electronics III and Lab

Spring 2018

  • EE 222/L Circuits and Machines and Lab


Fall 2017

  • EE731/L (3+1 cr) Advanced Power Electronic and Lab (Tonkoski)

Spring 2018

  • EE436/536/L (3+1 cr) Photovoltaic Systems Engineering and Lab (Tonkoski)
  • EE732/L (3+1 cr) Modeling and Control of Power Electronic Systems and Lab (Tonkoski)


Fall 2017

  • EE109L (3 labs, 1 cr/lab) First Year EE Seminar Lab

Spring 2018

  • EE245 (3+1 cr) Digital Systems
  • Either: EE733/L (3+1 cr) Advanced Power Systems Analysis and Lab (or equivalent), or (2+1cr) EE592/L Fundamentals of High-Performance Computing


Fall 2017

  • EE434 (3+1 cr) Power System Analysis/Lab, 31  students

Spring 2018

  • EE792 (3cr) Computational Intelligence
  • EE315 (3cr) Linear Control System

Student Activities

Scholarship Activity – Power Company Sponsored Scholarships

The department awarded approximately $59,450 in scholarships.  Approximately 45% of these funds are a direct result of the power community.

Recipients for 2017-2018 Academic Year

The Center for Power Systems Studies Scholarship

    Zachary Andera

CPSS General Scholarships

    Zachary Kirsch
    Vanessa  Konynenbelt
    David  Sykora
    Brenton  Thompson

Bradley D. Schultz Power Engineering Scholarship

    Mohamed Ayoub
    Jacob Eines
    Jonathan  DeNoon
    Elijah Maska
    Aaron Stoll
    Chuck Tang
    Samantha Bridges
    Isaac Kaski

DGR Scholarships
    Elijah Maska
    Jacob Gubbrud
    Tyler Panek

East River Electric Power Coop Scholarship in Honor of Virgil Hanlon

    Jonathan DeNoon
    Matthew DeNoon

Gerald G. Frick Scholarship Endowment in Electrical Engineering

    Jonathan DeNoon
    Spencer Riddle

Heartland Consumers Power District Scholarship

    Devin Cressy   

Interstates Electric & Engineering Scholarship

    Sterling Berg

Jeffrey L. & Trudiann Nelson Scholarship
    Joel Kocer

John G. Kappenman Scholarship
    Andrew Hildebrant

Otter Tail Power Scholarship

    Tyler Jorgenson
    Parker Smith
    Dugan Bradley

TSP Scholarship

    Luke Stewart

Wayne E. Knabach Memorial Scholarship in Electrical Engineering

    Grant Metzger

IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Fellows – Region 4

Results have not yet been reported at the time this report was completed.

Review of CPSS Impact

CPSS and IEEE-PES Scholarships – immediate attraction and attention getter
Internship and/or Cooperative opportunities -- have a positive impact – absolutely important to the sustainability of the SDSU Power Program
Field Trips and the Power Technology Tour – great exposure to a variety of power-related industries

CPSS-Sponsored Design Projects – hands on challenging designs
Power Systems Analysis and Lab (EE434/434L)  -- First course in power
Advanced Power Systems (EE 492) – Second course in power
Photovoltaics Applications and Lab (EE436/436L)
Fall Awards Banquet – A glimpse into the future for our students and shows importance of remaining connected to academia
Biennial SoDaRP Conference – An excellent professional setting that introduces power students to the big picture

Respectfully submitted,
Steven M. Hietpas, Ph.D., P.E.
Coordinator, Center for Power Systems Studies