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CPSS Coordinator's Report - Fall 2014

Center for Power Systems Studies – Fall Meeting
October 07, 2014

To: Members of Center for Power Systems Studies
    Associate Members of Power Systems Studies
    Guests in attendance

The Center for Power Systems Studies is entering its 47th year of operation. Below is a summary of some of the past year's power-related activities and events, since the spring meeting.

Summer 2014: Faculty and Student Summer Projects/Research Update


  • Served on the IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative Committee
  • Worked with conference committee planning for 2014 CPSS South Dakota Regional Power Conference
  • Worked with CPSS Awards Committee on selection of the 2014 WEK Excellence in Power Awardee


  • Current Students
    • Students Graduated
      • Md Arifur Rahman, M.S., Research Paper: Modeling of Diesel Generator for Microgrids, 2014.
    • Currently Supervising:
      •  Two PhD students
        • Power Management in Rural PV-Diesel Hybrid Microgrids Considering Stochastic Behavior of PV Generation
        • Voltage Control in LV Rural Feeders with High Penetration of Renewables
      • Eight M.S. EE graduate students
        • Solar Energy Forecasting for Power Management of Remote Microgrids using Markov Switching Models
        • Fuel Consumption Reduction in PV-Diesel Hybrid Microgrids
        • Operation of Grid-connected Microgrids as Virtual Power Plants
        • Ramp rate control of Microgrids using Virtual Inertia
        • Integration Issues of PV Microhydro Hybrid Microgrids.
      • Two Senior Design Groups
        • Automated Batch Control System (Sponsor: Interstates Inc.)
        • Flyback Transformer Test System (Sponsor: Wurth Electronics/Midcom Inc.)
  • Main Proposals Submitted:
    • SDBoR CRGP 2014. Role: PI. Title: Development of Reliable and Sustainable Microgrids. Award amount: $86,777 (Awarded)
  • Served on the EE Scholarship Program Committee
  • Served on the EE UG Curriculum Committee
  • Served on the CPSS 2014 Conference Planning Committee


  • Supervised one Senior EE student
    • Using PMU Data to Enhance Situational Awareness in Power System Restoration
  • Supervised five M.S. EE graduate students
    • Volt/VAR Coordination Strategy in a PV-Interconnected Distribution Network
    • Optimal Microgrid Reconfiguration subsequent to Fault-Triggered Islanding
    • Communication-assisted  protection in Microgrid
    • Microgrid self-healing strategy
    • Microgrid-based data center
  • Supervised one PhD EE graduate students
    • Harnessing Renewables in Power System Restoration
  • Supervised one CPSS senior design group
    • Title: Wind Farm Protection
    • CPSS Member: POWER Engineers
  • Served on CPSS Senior Design Committee
  • Presented one paper at IEEE PES General Meeting 2014 – Title: On Battery Storage System for Load Pickup in Power System Restoration
  • Main Proposals Submitted:
    • NSF EPCN Program. Role: PI. Title: Collaborative Research: An Intelligent Restoration System for a Self-healing Smart Grid (IRS-SG). Award amount: $210,000 (awarded)
  • Lead the Task Force of “Restoration from Cascading Failures” in IEEE Working Group: Understanding, Prediction, Mitigation and Restoration of Cascading Failures

Power-Faculty Course Update


  • Spring 2015:
    • EE 315 Linear Control Systems


  • Fall 2014:
    • EE792 (3+1 cr) Modeling and Control of Power Electronics Systems and Lab, 4 students
    • EE792 (1 cr) Seminar Power and Energy
    • Honors 303 (3 cr) Honors Colloquium: Energy--Present realities, future possibilities
  • Spring 2015:
    • EE792 (3+1 cr) Power Electronics and Lab
    • EE792 (1 cr) Seminar Power and Energy


  • Fall 2014:
    • EE434/434L (3+1 cr) Power Systems and Lab, 22 students
    • EE792 (3 cr) Advanced Power Systems, 14 students
  • Spring 2015:
    • EE492 (3 cr) Power Systems II (School of Mines Faculty)
    • EE792 (3 cr) Power System Dynamics and Stability

Student Activities

Faculty Led Field Trips

Dr. Tonkoski organized a tour of the Buffalo Ridge Wind Farms on September 25, 2014 for grad students and will organize a second tour on October 10, 2014 for undergraduate students participating in the Honors 303: Honors Colloquium: Energy--Present realities, future possibilities.

Scholarship Activity – Power Company Sponsored Scholarships

The department awarded approximately $35,000 in scholarships. Approximately 56% of these funds are a direct result of the power community.

Recipients for 2014-2015 Academic Year
The Center for Power Systems Studies Scholarship

Jungseok Hong 

CPSS General Scholarships

Drake Jeno           Eric Rajchel    
Jake Buckmiller    Jerome Charles    

Bradley D. Schultz Power Engineering Scholarship

Travis Rennich     Alexander Noel
Logan Janssen    Brendan Metzger
Laura Froehlich    

DGR Scholarships

Koby Jackson    Eric Rajchel

East River Electric Power Coop Scholarship in Honor of Virgil Hanlon
Joshua Behnken    Mitchell Young
Heartland Consumers Power District Scholarship
Evan Laursen    
Interstates Electric & Engineering Scholarship

Koby Jackson    

Jeffrey L. & Trudiann Nelson Scholarship

Collin Livingston    

John G. Kappenman Scholarship

Kody Pataky    

Otter Tail Power Scholarship

Brendan Metzger    Jake Buckmiller

Xcel Energy Scholarships

Tyler Fletcher    Jeremy Laird    

IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Fellows – Region 4

18 renewals awarded from returning applicants
89 total new applicants from Region 4
15 new awards

  • Applied from SDSU:
  • Tyler Fletcher (2nd Year)
  • Evan Laursen (Junior)
  • Mitchell Young (Junior)
  • Andrew Hora (Sophomore)
  • Stephan Tjaden (Freshman)
IEEE PES Scholars Program -- Region 4 – Statistics
School   2014 Scholars   2013 Scholars   2012 Scholars   2011 Scholars   Total Scholars  
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 6 4 7   2 19
South Dakota State University 4 4   6   4 18

University of Wisconsin, Madison

4   3   1   2   10  

Illinois Institute of Technology

3   1   1   3   8  

University of Wisconsin, Platteville

1   4   2       7  

Iowa State University

1   1   2   2   6  

Michigan Technological University

3   2       1   6  

Kettering University

1   2   1   1   5  

University of Minnesota -Twin Cities

2   1   2       5  

University of Nebraska, Lincoln

2   3           5  

Marquette University

    2   1       3  

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

1   1       1   3  

University of Illinois at Chicago

1   2   1       4  

University of Iowa

1   1   1       3  

University of Michigan

    1   2       3  

Valparaiso University

    1   1   1   3  

North Dakota State University

1   1   1       3  

Purdue University

1       1       2  

University of Minnesota - Duluth

    1       1   2  

Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne

        1       1  

Lawrence Technological University

        1       1  

Minnesota State University, Mankato

1               1  

Saint Cloud State University

    1           1  

University of Notre Dame

    1           1  

University of St. Thomas

    1           1  



Region 4 Totals

33   38   32   18   121  

Status of Power Students

Power Graduates Update – Spring 2014


Student   Place of Employment  

Ayush Shrestha

Black and Veatch, Overland Park, KS

Cole Sandness

Areva North America, Charlotte, NC

David Kroon

EPC Services Company, Billings, MT

Evan Leebens

MISO, St. Paul, MN

Joey Schrepel

Basin Electric, Bismarck, ND

Kelly Nelson

TKDA Engineering and Architecture, St. Paul, MN

James Turner

Substation Design Engineer at Electrical Consultants Inc.

Of the 27 students that graduated in 2013-2014, 7 obtained employment in the power sector (26% of this graduating class).  From spring 2000 to present, 89 of 360 (approximately 25%) SDSU EE graduates have secured a career in the power industry.

Power Engineering Student Internships, Expected Graduation, and Recent Internships

Student Expected Graduation Past Summer Internship/Employment

McCord Stowater

Fall 2014

Xcel Energy, Sioux Falls, SD

Brendan Metzger

Spring 2015

DGR, Rock Rapids, IA

Connor Schuler

Spring 2015

Nutra Flo, North Sioux City, SD

Jake Buckmiller

Spring 2015

Sencore, Sioux Falls

Jungseok (Jason) Hong

Spring 2015

Bennett Fellowship, SDSU

Chad Egeberg

Spring 2015

Raven, Brookings, SD

Evan Laursen

Spring 2016


Mitchell Young

Spring 2016

Terex-Bidwell in Canton, SD

Tyler Fletcher

Spring 2016

MRES, Sioux Falls, SD

Jerome Charles

Spring 2016

Department of Transportation, Sioux Falls, SD

Jeremy Laird

Spring 2016  

Koby Jackson

Spring 2016  

Andrew Hora

Spring 2017  

Navid Imran

Spring 2018  

Md Ashraf Nasreldin

Spring 2018  

Review of CPSS Impact

  • CPSS and IEEE-PES Scholarships – immediate attraction and attention getter
  • Internship and/or Cooperative opportunities  -- have a positive impact – absolutely important to the sustainability of the SDSU Power Program
  • Field Trips and the Power Technology Tour – great exposure to a variety of power-related industries
  • CPSS-Sponsored Design Projects – hands on challenging designs
  • Power Systems Analysis and Lab (EE434/434L)  -- First course dedicated just to power
  • Photovoltaics Applications and Lab (EE436/436L)
  • Fall Awards Banquet – A glimpse into the future for our students and shows importance of remaining connected to academia
  • Biannual Regional South Dakota Power Conference – An excellent professional setting that introduces power students to the big picture


Respectfully submitted,

Steven M. Hietpas, Ph.D., P.E.
Coordinator, Center for Power Systems Studies