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Computer Science Alumnus - Kyle Christianson

Kyle Christianson


Kyle Christianson graduated from SDSU in 2010 with a B.S. in Software Engineering. While at SDSU, Kyle participated in many clubs, including ACM, IEEE, Tau Beta Pi and a Racquetball Club, which he founded. The hands-on experience Kyle received at SDSU was invaluable. A highlight was his senior project. For this two-semester project, Kyle and his SE partner teamed up with a pair of EE students to build and program a military tank barrel inspection robot!

All of the courses and projects at SDSU prepared Kyle substantially for his internships and career after college. His junior year, he worked as a student at Daktronics. The following summer, Kyle took a leap of faith and moved to Rochester, MN, for an internship at IBM. This paid off as he met his future wife that summer and still works at IBM today!

Kyle has enjoyed many different roles at IBM. He started as Java developer for internal tools, promoting Agile and DevOps within IBM. Then he worked on IBM Watson AI where he helped clients solve challenging problems in the financial and healthcare industries. Today, Kyle is part of IBM Cloud, guiding developers around the world to build highly available and scalable applications using cloud technologies. He is excited to be at the forefront of AI and Cloud, which will undoubtedly transform the way we work and revolutionize industries!

Kyle’s advice for students: do not be afraid to take on big challenges. Take a class, extracurricular activity, or job that will really challenge you. At the time, it may seem hard or impossible, but looking back, you will realize it is the best way to learn, grow and reach your full potential.