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Clean room facilities

"Clean Room"

The clean room includes over 3,300 sq. ft. of class 1000 space and the facilities and equipment used for micro and nanoelectronics materials and devices fabrication. It includes five bays, four fume hoods and over $3 million in equipment.

Bay 1 is for organic electronics and includes:

  • two glove box systems with inert nitrogen gas environment, organic electronics device
  • fabrication equipment
  • atomic force microscope for materials characterization
  • lithium ion battery fabrication
  • diamond and wire saws for wafer dicing
  • tube furnace
  • vacuum ovens
  • thick film printer

Bay 2 is a materials characterization bay which includes:

  • Hitachi Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with an Energy Dispersive X-ray analysis
  • (EDX) system
  • Dektak thin film profilometer
  • sputter coater for SEM sample preparation

Bay 3 is for thin film deposition and includes:

  • Rapid Thermal Processing oven (RTP),
  • ion beam, e-beam, sputtering and evaporation thin film deposition systems
  • high-temp chemical vapor deposition (CVD) system for silicon and graphene films
  • large-area plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (CVD) system.

Bay 4 contains systems under development including:

  • plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (CVD)
  • atomic-layer deposition system (ALD)
  • thin-film sputter deposition system with load-lock for rapid sample changing and deep
  • reactive-ion etching (DRIE)

Bay 5 is a lithography bay that includes:

  • yellow and red darkroom lighting for circuit pattern transfer
  • de-ionized water system for substrate cleaning
  • substrate spin dryer
  • photo-reduction stand for integrated circuit masks
  • contact angle measurement system
  • wire bonder
  • spin coater for photoresist deposition
  • mask aligner for circuit pattern transfer

Advanced Characterization Tools - PI: Dr. Qiquan (Quinn) Qiao

  • Agilent 5500 SPM Atomic Force Microscopy with 4μm and 10 μm scanners (DEH 053)
  • Horiba Raman Spectroscopy (DEH 053)
  • Agilent and PerkinElmer UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometers available from 200 nm to 3200 nm (DEH 053)
  • Rikaga Smart Lab X-ray diffraction (DEH 056)
  • Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)(DEH 056)
  • Steady state and time resolved FS920 fluorescence spectrometer (DEH 056)
  • Battery analyzers (DEH 056)
  • LifeSpec II spectrometer (DEH 056)
  • Femtosecond laser system (CDP FOG 100 femtosecond luminescence upconversion system) (DEH 011)
  • Transient photovoltage and photocurrent measurement systems using OBB’s Model OL-4300 nitrogen laser (crisp pulse at 337 nm) to pump the model 1011 dye laser (DEH 011)
  • Solar simulator (Xenon lamp, Newport) (DEH 011)
  • External quantum efficiency (EQE) measurements using a Xenon lamp (Newport) attached to a monochromator (Newport)
  • VersaSTAT 3 electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (DEH 058)
  • PDC-32G Plasma Cleaner (DEH 058)
  • Novascan PSD Pro Series Digital UV Ozone System (DEH 058)
  • MTI Precision Disc Cutter (DEH 052)
  • Plasma processing system using GSL1100X tube furnace (DEH 052)
  • Thermo CL10 Centrifuge (DEH 052)
  • MSK-110 Hydraulic Crimping Machine (DEH 052)
  • Woollam Ellipsometer (EC-400 and M-2000X) (DEH 036)
  • Bruker Dimension Icon ScanAsyst Scanning Probe Microscopy (DEH 036)
  • Ecopia Hall Effect Measurement system (HMS-3000) (DEH 036)
  • Shimadzu UV-2600 UV-Vis spectrophotometer (DEH 036)
  • Filmetrics Transmittance System (DEH 036)

Contact: Jason Sternhagen