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Alumni Spotlight - Melanie Uher EE

Section - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Melanie Uher

I chose SDSU because of the professors. I was worried that the education might not be as thorough as one might get at an engineering school until I visited. I could tell right away that the education was great, especially because the professors enjoyed what they were doing and cared about the students’ futures

Right now, I am a flight engineer with Raven Aerostar in Sioux Falls, SD. I have also had the opportunity to work in Raven’s ATD division (Precision AG).

My favorite memories were Spending time with my classmates in the IEEE room over lunch or the nights we were all studying. We would jump from group to group, learning from each other and having at least a little bit of fun!

The most important thing coming out of school has been learning. My education taught me how to ask questions and find answers. In the industry, not everyone in your workplace will have an answer to your specific question but you have to know how to get the information you need.