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Alumni Spotlight - Andrew Hora EE

Section - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
"Andrew Hora"

Andrew Hora is one of many SDSU Electrical Engineering (EE) Alumni. Andrew graduated from SDSU in May 2017 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. Currently, Andrew is working as a Maintenance Engineer at East River Electric Power Cooperative, joining in 2017. His day-to-day tasks include a little bit of everything from GIS (online system) to power line design to mitigating common power systems problems they are seeing in the field.

Andrew had always been leaning towards attending SDSU for college because his parents also attended SDSU. He enjoyed his time at school because of the large campus atmosphere, yet the many students that he could relate to. While at SDSU, Andrew participated in the EE technical society IEEE, as well the EE honor society Eta Kappa Nu for being one of the top students in his class. During school, one of his major highlights was receiving the Center for Power Systems Studies (CPSS) scholarship. However, he was proud of graduating with an electrical engineering degree because the major is not easy and requires a lot of work. Even though he is in industry, he is still involved with CPSS and IEEE.

Andrew is excited for future power graduates because the power grid is more complex than students realize with the addition of new communication, operation, construction and cyber aspects. Something new can be learned every day on the job. The power industry is intriguing because engineers are trying to build an infrastructure system that must last for at least 50 years.

For current students, Andrew would give the advice of taking every opportunity to learn about industry and building connections. He wants students to enjoy school and not worry about receiving a bad grade occasionally, because it happens to everyone.