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For our Students

An Evolving College for Evolving Needs

students chopping vegetables

Dear Jackrabbits,

Welcome to the College of Education and Human Sciences!

The College of EHS is our favorite on campus, but we might be biased!

Whether you want to become a teacher and change the lives of countless students, promote health and wellness for all ages, study and promote good consumer interactions and decision making, help build healthy relationships across the lifespan, learn to fly airplanes or work in the retail and hospitality environment, we have a home for you!

As our name implies, the College of Education and Human Sciences encompasses everything from developing future teachers and leaders to training human scientists and practitioners for careers in health, human development and consumer sciences. What does all that mean? It means that we are the college dedicated to helping prepare you to work with others and to enrich the lives of your future students, clients and customers in some of the most exciting and in-demand careers of today (and tomorrow!).

Education and health-related professions are two of the most high in-demand areas across our country today and are projected to remain that way for the foreseeable future. In the College of EHS, we integrate education, health and human sciences to develop and offer majors and minors that will prepare you not only for the technical aspects of rewarding careers in these areas, but also with the communication, problem-solving and interpersonal skills that are required for success in any profession you choose.

Nutrigenomics Lab

We know that our teaching and learning environment needs to include workshops, labs and experiential training. Within EHS, you’ll get to test what you’re learning and showcase your talents. You’ll gain not only information, but also knowledge through the experiences that our faculty facilitate. You’ll experiment with problem-based learning and interface with industry leaders and experts in your field. You’ll get to participate in research projects and learn through service. You’ll prepare to be leaders and problem solvers in your respective fields.

Between now and the time you graduate, careers that we have not imagined will have developed. If they involve working with others, communicating well, team work, problem solving and prevention, promotion of well-being and learning through asking and doing, we will help prepare you for those careers. Our job is to help you create Start Up You, a phrase borrowed from author Thomas Friedman.

The College of Education and Human Sciences is a college rich in heritage, but innovative in its approach to learning. It is a College built on programs with a strong history of success that are continually improving to be responsive to the needs of the present and future. Through one of our programs, we believe you'll find an education that is comprehensive, exciting and—most of all—fulfilling.