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Message from the Dean

Dean Jill Thorngren

Welcome to the College of Education and Human Sciences. We are a new college built on a time tested foundation. Our newness originates from a recent restructuring that brought together two colleges and an additional department into one entity. It is the long history of success in these individual programs that provide our solid underpinning. It is the combining of them that allows us to integrate work from multiple disciplines across our offerings. Our history is rich and solid, our present is new and exciting, and our future is full of possibility.

EHS is home to 16 majors and 19 minors and certifications. Though diverse in content, all are dedicated to one commonality: Enhancing Human Potential. We believe in building on the strengths of those with whom we work and in viewing all people within the context and culture that makes them unique. That means if you are one of our students, we will help you identify and meet your academic and career development goals and we will challenge you to grow personally and interpersonally. As you build on your own strengths and enhance your own development as a student, you will be preparing to help others do the same.

Our majors are grounded in the field of the helping professions. If you are part of EHS, you are interested in educating and promoting well-being. We are engaged in education that not only provides information, but that transforms lives. We conceptualize well-being in terms of the physical and nutritional, mental and interpersonal, and in relation to finances and consumer behavior.

The world around us is inundated with issues related to health and education. The College of EHS is actively seeking and providing answers to those dilemmas. With a focus on prevention and promotion of healthy behaviors, we believe that we are developing proactive solutions that will make the world a better place for all.

We work with our students to not only attain college degrees that make a difference, but to become leaders. Leadership is an attitude and a choice, far more than it is a position or role. EHS students are challenged and prepared to become leaders for life.

Our faculty and staff are second to none. They embrace the land grant mission of teaching, research, and outreach with passion and commitment. What is taught in our classrooms is directly informed by what is being discovered in our research domains. We enthusiastically collaborate with our partners throughout the state and beyond.

We invite you to join us in creating, analyzing, disseminating, and applying knowledge that enriches development and enhances the human potential.

Jill Thorngren
Dean, College of Education and Human Sciences