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Kori Seidlitz

Meet Kori Seidlitz

Kori Seidlitz


Major(s): Consumer Affairs & Pre-Law
Minors(s): Accounting, Business and Criminal Justice
Expected Graduation Year: 2013
Hometown: Seattle, WA

Why did you choose to attend SDSU?

I choose SDSU because I saw it as a wonderful opportunity to attend a quality D1 school with a competitive softball program and tremendous community support.

What has been your most interesting class, and what about it did you enjoy?

I enjoyed Accounting 210 the most. Although the class was challenging, I felt that it was highly applicable to my future career and life after college.

Who has inspired you the most at SDSU and in what way?

Curtis Gustufson, an outstanding accounting professor at SDSU, has inspired me the most due to his passion for accounting. His ability to teach a complex subject in an upbeat & easily understandable manner has influenced me to pursue a career in accounting/finance.

What is your favorite or most memorable SDSU experience?

I have had numerous opportunities to travel around the nation with the softball team representing SDSU, with one of the highlights having been making it to conference for the first time in school history my freshman year.

Where do you see yourself in the future/10 years?

I have aspirations of becoming a partner at a nationally recognized law firm or at a Big Four accounting firm (preferably Deloitte & Touche).

What piece of advice would you give new students?

I would recommend that Freshman wait a year to declare their major. I learned a lot about my interests and abilities throughout my Freshman year.