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EHS Student Profiles

Steiner photo

Alexa Steiner - Hospitality Management
"My favorite aspect of SDSU is trying new things that were not available as I grew up in a small town. These experiences vary from the incredible music and food to the guest speakers and theater on campus and throughout Brookings."


Dan Brom photo

Dan Brom - Aviation Education
"First, buy a day planner and use it. Second, if you have a goal, go for it. Don't let anyone tell you it can't be done or you aren't good enough. There is no barrier immune to hard work and perseverance- but the moment you give up, you're done.


Helen Lauth

Helen Lauth -Park Management
"Many of my fellow students in the College of Ag & Bio have been inspiring to me. They are very involved with programs at SDSU and in the world of Agriculture, and their passion for that way of life (farming/ranching/agriculture) gives them that drive to go out and make a difference in their world."

Vaillancourt photo

Loren Vaillancourt - Exercise Science
"Human Anatomy has been my favorite class at SDSU. Dr. Pederson made it both challenging and interesting. Since the students here at SDSU have access to human cadavers and an internship program, I have a leg up on other students who are applying to professional school."