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Alexa Steiner


Major(s):Hospitality Management
Expected Graduation Year: 2012
Hometown: Hartington, Nebraska

Why did you choose to attend SDSU?

I saw it as a successful investment for my future.

What has been your most interesting class, and what about it did you enjoy?

My most interesting class has been Hospitality Industry Law. I enjoyed this class because it gave me the understanding of how to start a business, and I got to network with other business leaders on how they have made their businesses successful.

Who has inspired you the most at SDSU and in what way?

The people who have inspired me the most at SDSU are my classmates. Every student at SDSU has a spark and a drive to succeed that is contagious.

What is your favorite or most memorable SDSU experience?

My favorite aspect of SDSU is trying new things that were not available as I grew up in a small town. These experiences vary from the incredible music and food to the guest speakers and theater on campus and throughout Brookings.

Where do you see yourself in the future/10 years? 

In the future I would love to be the general manager at a resort. I can’t wait to use the knowledge that I have obtained over the last 4 years to better a resort and continue to develop leadership traits among employees.

What piece of advice would you give new students?

The advice that I would give to students is to network and make a positive, classy impression in all situations. Hold your head up when things get stressful and live each day to the fullest while attending South Dakota State University.