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About the Department

In the SDSU Department of Economics, we share a commitment to imagination, engagement, and ambition that is reflected in our curriculum and in the preparedness of our graduates.

With 30 personnel who teach, conduct research, and participate in outreach, the Department of Economics has a vital role in the life of the university and in the state.  Many of our personnel engage in research funded by the federal and state governments, regional commodity groups, and other external stakeholders with the aim of improving the economic conditions and quality of life for the citizens of South Dakota. 

Undergraduate Programs

Our department currently houses over 700 students and offers undergraduate academic programs in Agricultural and Resource EconomicsAgricultural BusinessBusiness Economics, Economics, and Entrepreneurial Studies and also offers 10 minors.  

We maintain close relations to the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences, through which the Agricultural Business and Agricultural and Resource Economics majors are offered through the cross-platform between the departments. 

Graduate Programs

Our Department offers two graduate programs that prepare students for professions in business and government as well as for advanced studies in economics and finance. The program offers two curriculum options: an economic theory option and an applied business-economics option.

Additionally, we offer an accelerated master's degree to qualified undergraduate students who maintain at least a 3.5 GPA in their economics major; these students may begin their graduate studies while they complete their undergraduate degree. 


Our department also collaborates with SDSU Extension to disseminate and apply economic knowledge. Some of our personnel have a portion of their time devoted to extension and other outreach efforts, and the department also employs several SDSU Extension Field Specialists who are stationed around the state.