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Research Organizational Chart

Division of Research and Economic Development

Research Integrity and Compliance

  • Dianne Nagy

    Dianne Nagy

    Assistant Vice President for Research Development and Administration, Research Integrity and Compliance Officer

    Division of Research & Economic Development

    Office of Research Assurance & Sponsored Programs

    Research Compliance

Office of Research Assurance and Sponsored Programs (ORSP)

North Central Regional Sun Grant Center

Ethel Austin Martin Program in Human Nutrition

University Veterinarian

Office of Technology Transfer and Commercialization (OTTC)

  • Rick Swatloski - TreMonti Consulting for South Dakota State University

Point of Contact Listing

Asst. VP Res Dev and Adm.
Interim Research Integrity Officer 
Dianne Nagy
  • Signature authority for sponsorship and collaboration agreements and amendments (SRA, SSA, RCA, LSA, NDA, MTA, etc.)
  • Signature authority for grant applications, certifications, supporting documents, amendments and reports (LOC, SF424, SFLLL, NOA, NCE, etc.)
  • Proposal submissions (SDBOR, NASA NEA/NEH, etc.)
  • Allegations of Research Misconduct - Interim
  • Responsible Conduct of Research training - Interim
  • Export controls review and technology control plans - Interim
Asst to VP
Derek Lankford
  • Special Project Support
  • Administrative and project management
  • Budget and Finance
  • IACUC administrative support and representative for Dr. Scholl
IRB Coordinator
Jayne Valnes
  • IRB questions & concerns
  • Assist CITI (Collaborate Institutional Training Initiative) Users
  • Training on HSR (Human Subjects Research)
University Vet
Michele Mucciante
  • Animal Welfare policies and procedures 
  • Vivarium
  • Policies and procedures for all aspects of veterinary care
  • IACUC technical questions
Grant Development Specialist
Jessica Andrews
  • Pre-award proposal development including assisting with budgets, routing forms, proposal review, resource identification and submission support. Support for large-scale collaborative proposals and for units without grant specialist support.
  • AOR submission authority for, NSF and NIH. Other on an as needed basis.
  • Administration on InfoReady, including limited and internal submissions.
  • Reviews routing approval for ORASP.
Program Assistant I
Elizabeth Martinson
  • Pre-Award routing questions
  • Invention Disclosure Forms
  • Research agreement templates
  • Data Management of Inteum
  • Tech Transfer department inquiries
Senior Secretary
Kellrhema Hinton
  • High level clerical support
  • Research Recognition Program
  • Dr. Scholl calendar