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T-00448: Telehealth Provider Modules

This page describes the available technology licensed through South Dakota State University's (SDSU) Technology Transfer Office. The link below will direct you to the Telehealth Modules web presence which contains information on the program and its offerings through SDSU's College of Nursing; the destination page also contains a link for module registration.

Telehealth Modules


Telehealth providers play an important role in healthcare delivery for rural patients who may not be able to access care due to distance, weather, cost or family and work schedules. With the increasing utilization of telehealth comes a corresponding responsibility to provide students and professionals with innovative education designed to address the varied healthcare needs of patients. Furthermore, the evolving nature of telehealth requires that academic institutions and healthcare systems equip their students and healthcare professionals with the tools and knowledge that accurately reflect state-of-the-art services and the evolving healthcare requirements of patients. South Dakota State University (SDSU) researchers have created structured, interactive and easy-to-use online Telehealth Provider Modules designed to give healthcare professionals and students all the tools and training required to gain a deep understanding of telehealth practice, regulation and licensing.


The modules consist of critical aspects of telehealth including on-screen presence, equipment and troubleshooting, regulation and licensing, quality measures and components of telehealth visits. Many telehealth training courses require participants attend face-to-face classes and training sessions; however, the SDSU modules provide all the necessary training, including instructor access, online. Moreover, course activities and lessons are uniquely designed to ensure that healthcare professionals and students receive equivalent training as those attending face-to-face class and training sessions, but with the added convenience of working through the modules online.


The SDSU modules provide detailed and practical understanding of telehealth tools and concepts using an online platform. It gives healthcare professionals and students control of their education by enabling them to plan their progression through the modules around their work, school and family responsibilities. Module content is regularly updated to reflect current best practice, regulation and licensing. The modules are readily available for license from SDSU for conferences, curriculum, training or other settings that would benefit from such instruction.