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T-00317: Food-Grade Corn Distillers Dried Grains for use in the Food Industry


Food Grade Distillers Dried Grains (DDGS) have great potential for food applications. Currently only the livestock and aquaculture industry use DDGS as a nutrient and fiber source and there is no Food Grade DDGS in the market. DDGS originating from various ethanol plants are varied in chemical and nutritional composition. Processes for ethanol production are varied leading to differences in DDGS. DDGS intended for the food market must be uniform in quality and nutrient content.


SDSU researchers have developed a method to process and treat Food Grade DDGS. The DDGS are subjected to multiple washings using a variety of food-friendly solvents employed in a specific sequence prior to moisture removal, heat treatment and ultra-grinding to a selected particle range. Processed DDG is solvent treated and transferred by gravitation feed and the residue is then washed with an aqueous solvent and then dried prior to a supercritical CO2 extraction.


A Food Grade DDG will have food applications and bring new products to the market. Good manufacturing process employed in the processing of DDGS will lead to a product with uniform quality and nutrient content. The outcome is a high quality starting material for subsequent use by food companies. DDGS can provide an ingredient with 38% protein and 40% dietary fiber with enormous applications as a protein and fiber enrichment agent.