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T-00272: Organic Solar Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensing Platform for Soil Monitoring


Modern farming practices take full advantage of modern technology in to gather all available data in order to increase yields and decrease workload. The ability to sample real-time, accurate soil information can be a valuable source of information for the user.


SDSU researchers are developing a new Solar Cell Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Network (SC-EHWSN) system to provide real-time and accurate soil information. The SC-EHWSN system can be used in many environmental monitoring situations such as precision farming and using low cost solar cells and high performance software algorithms has the ability to be cost efficient and long lasting.


The SC-EHWSN system uses the solar cell as the power provider for the wireless sensor devices which will reduce the soil pollution of battery usage while intelligent algorithms to manage solar power harvesting can prolong the lifetime of the system.