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T-00271: Adjuvant For Biological Control Products Containing Bacillus Endospores


The biological control activity of a Bacillus endospore biological control agent (BCA) formulation for biocontrol of plant pathogens on Fusarium Head Blight has been observed under field conditions for some time at different field sites across the United States. BCA products containing Bacillus species often do not reliably germinate soon after being applied to a plant or soil surface. Promoting germination of Bacillus endospores would facilitate better biological control activity against FHB due to the BCA’s rapid germination.


An adjuvant mix has been developed by SDSU researchers and the adjuvant has been refined and tested for the ability of the adjuvant to accelerate the germination and growth of Bacillus endospores in BCA formulations.


The application of the adjuvant before use of the BCA will allow for endospore germination and bacterial growth within 12 hours after the addition of the adjuvant.