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T-00263: Food-Grade Corn Distillers Dried Grains for Use in the Food Industry


Distillers Dried Grains (DDGs) originating from various ethanol plants are varied in chemical and nutritional composition. Processes for ethanol production are varied according to the company and this invariably leads to differences in the end product, namely DDG. While this is acceptable for feed applications for livestock, DDGs intended for the food market are not acceptable when they vary widely in quality and nutrient content. The chemical and nutritional compositions also have an effect on food functionality (i.e. how the ingredient actually assists in improving food quality traits such as texture, mouth-feel, flow-ability, etc.).


SDSU has developed processing schemes to minimize DDG variability and to ensure uniform food functionality traits. This invention is solely devoted to the production of in-house food grade DDGs from commercially available DDGS (with solubles). DDGS obtained from known sources were subjected to repeated washings using a variety of food-friendly solvents prior to moisture removal, heat treatment and ultra-grinding to a selected particle size.


There is no food grade DDG currently in the market. DDGs can be substituted for a portion of the flour used to prepare baked goods, biscuits, cookies and batters. It enhances the fiber and protein content of the food product.