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Merle L. Esmay

Merle Esmay
Merle L. Esmay

Distinguished Engineer

Hometown: Newell

Agricultural Engineering,

Merle L. Esmay earned an M.S. 1947 and a Ph.D, in 1951 in agricultural engineering from Iowa State University following his graduation from South Dakota State College. He held several positions in higher education: Extension agricultural engineer, SDSC; assistant professor in Agricultural Engineering, Iowa State University; associate professor in Agricultural Engineering, University of Missouri and professor in Agricultural Engineering and coordinate of graduate program, Michigan State University. As coordinator of the Michigan State Agricultural Engineering graduate program, Esmay worked with two colleges of agriculture in Taiwan in improving teaching, extension and research programs. He published over 70 technical papers, articles and bulletins including the book “Principles of Animal Environment.” Esmay had an international reputation for his expertise in the area of livestock environments. His work in dairy and poultry environments set standards that were followed worldwide in the design of livestock and poultry buildings. His specific projects included the analysis of wind and fire damage on farm buildings, silage pressure in horizontal silos, environmental requirements for dairy cows, environmental requirements of poultry and calf housing research. In addition, Esmay was active in several honorary societies and associations and participated in several international conferences.