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Leroy F. Harza

Leroy Harza
Leroy F. Harza

Distinguished Engineer

Hometown: Brookings

Mechanical Engineering,

After his graduation from South Dakota State College, Leroy F. Harza continued his studies at the University of Wisconsin, receiving a B.S. in civil engineering in 1906 and the degree of Civil Engineering in 1908. Harza’s primary interest was the development of river projects and the design of hydroelectric dams and powerhouses in particular. In 1920, he established Harza Engineering Co., an independent consulting firm with offices in Chicago. During his years as principal of the firm, Harza designed more than 40 hydroelectric projects and was consulted by such agencies as the Tennessee Valley Authority and the U.S. Corps of Engineers on many more. Two of his more important projects were the Santee-Cooper Project in South Carolina and the International Rapids Hydro Project on the St. Lawrence River.