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Jerome A. Storry

Jerome Storry
Jerome A. Storry

Distinguished Engineer

Hometown: Astoria

Mechanical Engineering,

Jerome A. Storry served in wide range of assignments in engineering-construction roles with major operating companies following his graduation from South Dakota State College. Storry was a brother of longtime SDSU dean of engineering, Junis O. Storry. He served as a project engineer in photographics with Eastman Kodak; then as manager of engineering for a mustard and spice company, R.T. French, director of engineering for a frozen prepared meats company, Freezer Queen; a staff consultant to a bubble gum company for modernizing packing, Topps Chewing Gum; a senior project engineer for A.G. McKee. His last position was as a staff specialist and assistant manager of the Food Technology Department of the Davy McKee Corp. of Chicago, Illinois. His specific engineering experiences included 46 projects directly related to the food industry. He was a member of several professional engineering associations and organizations. His wife, Mavis Hedman Storry, was a 1947 home economics graduate from SDSU.