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SDSU is committed to providing equal educational opportunities for all students, regardless of disability. Creating these equal opportunities is a collaborative effort between the student, the faculty, and the Office of Disability Services. Several academic support services are available for our students.

SDSU offers free tutoring through the Wintrode Tutoring Program, Math Help Center, and Writing Center. Eligible students can participate in the TRIO Student Support Services program for personalized academic and social support.

Disability Services consults with students that have disabilities to determine which additional accommodations may be necessary. Students are taught how to use assistive hardware and software in the Adaptive Equipment Lab on campus, which SDSU created to give students access to computer technology.


Technology Needs

If you are a student with a disability that makes the use of a standard “clicker” device difficult or impossible please do not buy a device at the campus bookstore. Instead please contact Instructional Design Services at 605-688-6312. IDS will assist you in obtaining an accessible version of the technology to fit your needs.