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What Resources are Provided by the Office of Disability Services?

The Office of Disability Services strives to be a resource for students, families, faculty, staff, and community members regarding all areas of disability services. We have a plethora of resources available for students at SDSU. Further information on disability services accommodations is shown below. 

Have further questions? See an area you would like more information about? Please give us a call or email the Disability Services Office. We are happy to help! 

College Diabetes Network

Students with Diabetes at SDSU

SDSU Chapter
The College Diabetes Network (CDN) is a national non-profit with campus chapters across North America that connects students with diabetes and provides them with information and resources about living with diabetes on campus. There are currently students at SDSU starting a CDN chapter. For more information please contact their chapter. For more information about the College Diabetes Network, check out the website.