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Expectations for Students Using the Attendance and Related Issues Accommodation Effectively

  • Important: Do not wait until after you miss coursework or class to discuss barriers with your professors. Please note, this accommodation may not be reasonable in all courses. until a plan is finalized, students will need to follow the policy in place for the whole class as stated on the course syllabus. Contact the professor and Disability Services if concerns arise during that time.
  • This accommodation is only to be used for the disability/medical/health reason on record with the Office of Disability Services. Use of this accommodation for other reasons, including health matters not on record, seasonal colds and flu, or other non-medical related reasons is not acceptable and may be subject to a referral to Student Conduct.
  • Overall, open, timely and effective communication with professors and the Office of Disability Services greatly enhances the utility of this accommodation. Additional options and supports beyond the accommodation may become available by virtue of good communication. To the greatest extent comfortable, be willing to have a conversation with professors about this accommodation and your reasons for using it. While you do not have to disclose specific medical information, you may find it in your bets interest to do so in order for your professor to have a full understanding of the situation.
  • Understand that this accommodation has limits. This accommodation is not a license to miss class whenever. Most every class has an absence limit that, once exceeded, makes it impossible to satisfy course objectives. Professor have a responsibility to uphold educational requirements and standards. Other options, such as a medical withdrawal, may need to be discussed in certain situations. Responsibility for completing all class work is always in effect.
  • The Office of Disability Services believes that good time and project management skills as well as effective decision-making relative to personal circumstances are important for all students. This accommodation does not address inefficiencies in these areas. Thus, the Disability Services position is that assignments with more than one week to complete can be done successfully with proper time management, as well as planning, and need not warrant an accommodation except in extenuating circumstances.