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Course Syllabus Statement for ADA & Clickers

Pursuant with the University Policy 2:3 - Course Syllabus.

ADA Statement

South Dakota State University strives to ensure that physical resources, as well as information and communication technologies, are reasonably accessible to users in order to provide equal access to all. If you encounter any accessibility issues, you are encouraged to immediately contact the instructor of the course and the Office of Disability Services:

  • Phone: 605-688-4504
  • Fax (private): 605-688-4987
  • Email Nancy Crooks in the Disability Services Office
  • Address: Room 271, Box 2815C, University Student Union, Brookings South Dakota 57007


If you are a student with a disability that makes the use of a standard “clicker” device difficult or impossible, please do not buy a device at the university bookstore. Instead, please contact Instructional Design Services (IDS) at 605-688-6312. IDS will assist you in obtaining an accessible version of the technology to fit your needs.