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Yue Zhou

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Assistant Professor

Office Building

Daktronics Engineering Hall



Mailing Address

Daktronics Eng Hall 229
Electrical Engineering /Computer Science-Box 2222
University Station
Brookings, SD 57007


Lab page

There are positions opening for postdoctoral researchers and graduate students. Please send me your resume/CV if you are interested in our group.

Undergraduate students are always welcome to join us.


Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, PA, 2015
M.S., Physics, Nanjing University, China, 2011
B.S., Kuang Yaming Honors School, Nanjing University, China, 2008

Academic Interests/Expertise

Energy harvesting
Electric propulsion

Academic Responsibilities

EE 360 Electronic Devices
EE 460/460L Sensors and Measurements
EE 560/560L Sensors and Measurements
EE 792 Energy Conversion and Storage

Awards and Honors

2022 NSF Early Career Award
2022 ONR Young Investigator Award
2022 NSF EPSCoR Research Fellow
2022 Dr. Sherwood and Elizabeth Young Faculty Award
2021 Young Investigator Award, College of Engineering
2020 Errol P. EerNisse Faculty Award
2020, 2021 Grants Winship Award, College of Engineering


Total share >$4M

•PI, “CAREER: Fast-Charging Energy Storage Devices Enabled by Modulating Internal Electric Field of Heterostructure”, NSF, 2022-2027.
•PI, “Development of Structural Batteries with Improved Multifunctional Efficiency for Aerospace Applications”, ONR YIP, 2022-2025.
•PI, “Novel Structure and Properties of Hybrid Electrolytes for Lithium Metal Batteries”, NSF, 2022-2024.
•Instituitional PI, “Center for Electrochemical Energy Storage (CEES)”, SDBOR, 2021-2026.
•PI, “Multi-Dimensional Networked Antiperovskite Electrolytes for All Solid-State Batteries for Electric Aircraft”, NASA, 2021-2022.
•PI, “Collaborative Research: Understanding and Tailoring the Anode-Electrolyte Interfacial Layers on the Stabilization of Lithium Metal Electrode”, NSF, 2021-2024.
•PI, “Development of Novel Solid Polymer Electrolytes for Safe and High Performance Lithium Ion Batteries (Year 2 Continuation Project)”, SDBOR Competitive Research Grant Program (CRG), 2019-2021.
•PI, “Development of Novel Solid Polymer Electrolyte for Safe and High Performance Lithium Ion Batteries", SDBOR Competitive Research Grant Program (CRG), 2018-2019.
•PI, “Development of Biomass-derived Aerogel for Energy Storage Applications”, North Central Regional Sun Grant Center, 2019-2020.
•Co-PI, “Advancing the Bioeconomy through Regional Sun Grant Centers: Production of 3D Graphene from Renewable Lignin Through Flash Catalytic Thermochemical Processes”, 2021-2024.
•Co-PI, “University Center for Commercialization of Sustainable Energies and Precision Agriculture Sensors Technologies”, U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA), 2018-2023.
•Co-PI, “IUCRC: Center for Solid-State Green Electric Power Generation and Storage (CEPS)”, NSF, 2019-2020.
•Co-I, “Wireless Body Area Network in Space: Development of Wireless Health Monitoring System with Flexible and Wearable Sensors”, NASA, 2018-2021.

We also would like to thank the supports from some industrial partners.

Professional Memberships

IEEE Senior Member
ECS, MRS, SPIE member

Work Experience

Jan. 2018-present, Assistant Professor, South Dakota State University
Feb. 2016-Dec. 2017, Postdoctoral Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Lab page