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Xufei Yang



Assistant Professor, SDSU Extension Environmental Quality Engineer

Office Building

Raven Precision Agriculture Center



Mailing Address

Raven Precision Ag Building 215
Ag & Biosystems Engineering-Box 2100
University Station
Brookings, SD 57007


Xufei's academic background combines environmental engineering and agricultural engineering. His research focuses on developing cost-effective air quality monitoring and mitigation technologies for agricultural environments. He also serves as an extension specialist, providing environmental management outreach to South Dakota citizens, particularly livestock producers. He teaches Agricultural Waste Management every spring semester and consequently also extends his research antenna into this area.


Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
M.S. Tsinghua University
B.S. Tsinghua University

Academic Interests

Air quality
Environmental engineering
Waste management
Livestock environment
Precision livestock farming

Extension Responsibilities

Providing environmental management outreach to South Dakota citizens, in particular livestock producers.


Active Grants:
Size-segregated bioaerosol characterization and PM source attribution in and near swine production facilities. Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research. $499,817, 2023-2025, PI.

Designing a secure cyberinfrastructure for precision agriculture in South Dakota based on LPWAN technology. South Dakota Cyber-Ag-Law Research Collaborations, $250,000, 2023-2024, Co-PI.

Feeding Soybean Co-Products to Pigs to Replace Distillers Dried Grains (DDGS). Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council, $100,000, 2023-2024, Co-PI

Best practices in reducing feed waste in swine production. National Pork Board, $116,399, 2022-2024, Co-PI

Creative Activities

Journal publications in the past five years:
Uguz, S.*, Arsu, T., Yang, X., Anderson, G. (2023). Multi-criteria decision analysis for optimizing CO2 and NH3 removal by Scenedesmus dimorphus photobioreactors. Atmosphere, 14(7), 1079

Haleem, N.#, Zhang, C., Jamal, Y., Albert, K.##, Fan, D. ##, Yao, B., Hussain, F., Yang, X.* (2023). Preparation of cationic cellulose as a natural flocculant/sorbent and its application in three water treatment scenarios. Water, 15(11), 2021.

Osabutey, A. #, Haleem, N. #, Uguz, S., Albert, K. ##, Anderson, G., Min, K., Yang, X.* (2023). Makeup water addition affects the growth of Scenedesmus dimorphus in photobioreactors. AgriEngineering, 5(2), 982-991.

Haleem, N. #, Osabutey, A. #, Albert, K. ##, Zhang, C., Min, K., Anderson, G., Yang, X.* (2023). Flocculation of livestock wastewater using cationic starch prepared from potato peels. Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology, 9, 1690-1700.

Gu, Y., Qi, X., Yang, X., Jiang, Y., Liu, P., X, Quan, Liang, P.* (2023). Extracellular electron transfer and conductivity in microbial aggregates during biochemical wastewater treatment: A bottom-up analysis of existing knowledge. Water Research, 231, 119630.

Osabutey, A. #, Haleem, N. #, Uguz, S., Min, K., Samuel, R., Albert, K. ##, Anderson, G., Yang, X.* (2023). Growth of Scenedesmus dimorphus in swine wastewater with versus without solid-liquid separation pretreatment. Bioresource Technology, 369, 128434.

Uguz, S.*, Anderson, G., Yang, X., Simsek, E., Osabutey, A. # (2022). Cultivation of Scendesmus dimorphus with air contaminants from a pig confinement building. Journal of Environmental Management, 314, 115129.

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Osabutey, A. #, Cromer, B. ##, Davids, A. ##, Prouty, L. ##, Haleem, N. #, Thaler, R., Nicolai, R., Yang, X.* (2022). Distribution of airflow and media moisture content across two vertical bed biofilters. AgriEngineering, 4, 179-189.

Haleem, N. #, *, Jamal, Y., Khan, S.N., Baig, M.A., Wahab, M., Yang, X. (2021). Synthesis of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) from poultry litter for removal of chromium Cr (VI) from wastewater. Materials, 14(18), 5195

McLain, S.C., Autenrieth, D.A.*, Yang, X., Brazile, W.J. (2021). Noise exposures and hearing protector use at modern logging operations. Small-scale Forestry, 20, 1-9.

Liu, S. #, Yang X.*, Zhou, X. (2021). Development of a low-cost UAV-based system for CH4 monitoring over oil fields. Environmental Technology 42(20), 3154-3163.

Hao, W., Liu, P., Miao, B., Jiang, Y, Wang, D., Yang, X.*, Huang, X., Liang, P.*, (2019) DL-cysteine and L-cystine formation and their enhancement effects during sulfur autotrophic denitrification. Science of the Total Environment 695, 133823.

Yang, X., Lorjaroenphon, Y., Li. H., Cadwallader, K., Wang, X.*, Zhang, Y. (2018). Quantification of odorants in animal feeds at commercial swine and poultry operations. Transactions of the ASABE 61(2), 693-698.

Yang, X., Li, H.*, Zhang, C. (2018). Field comparison of TSI DustTrak versus TEOM in two poultry houses. Transactions of the ASABE 61(2), 653-660.

Riggio, G.M., Chow, J.C.*, Cropper, P.M., Wang, X., Yatavelli, R.L.N., Yang, X., Watson, J.G. (2018). Feasibility of coupling a thermal/optical carbon analyzer to a quadrupole mass spectrometer for enhanced PM2.5 speciation. Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association 68(5), 463-476.

Jiang, Y., Yang, X., Liang, P.*, Liu, P., Huang, X. (2018). Microbial fuel cell sensors for water quality early warning systems: fundamentals, signal resolution, optimization and future challenges. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews 81, 292-305.



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