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William Prigge

William Prigge


Professor of History

Office Building

West Hall



Mailing Address

West Hall 109
School of American & Global Studies-Box 510
University Station
Brookings, SD 57007


Ph.D. (2006), Marquette University

Academic Interests/Expertise

Modern World Civilization, Nazi and Soviet Europe, Imperialism


J. William Fulbright Scholarship

Professional Memberships

Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies
Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies

Creative Activities

Peer-Reviewed Publications:

Prigge, William D. The Bearslayers: The Rise and Fall of the Latvian National Communists. New York: Peter Lang.

Journal Articles:
Prigge, William D. “Power, Popular Opinion and the Latvian National Communists.” Journal of Baltic Studies. (Fall 2014): 305-319.
Prigge, William D. “The 1959 Latvian Purges: A Revisionist Study.” Journal of Baltic Studies. (Fall 2004): 211-230.

Book Chapters:
Prigge, William D. 2011. Sovietization, Russification and Nationalism in Post-War Latvia. In The Baltic States under Stalinist Rule. Ed. Olaf Mertelsmann. Köln: Böhlau Köln.
Prigge, William D. 2010. The Strange Death of Latvian National Communism. In From Recognition to Restoration: Latvia’s History as a Nation-State. Eds. David J. Smith, David J. Galbreath and Geoffrey Swain. Amsterdam/ New York: Rodopi.

Other Publications:
“Latvijas nacionalo komunistu izskirosais bridis.” Diena. June 12, 2004.
“Berija Latvija—draugs vai ienaidnieks“” Diena. October 15, 2005.

Area(s) of Research

Dr. Prigge's research interest relates to the Soviet Union after the Second World War, particularly the experience within its republics and the rise of the national communists.