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Taryn Fergel

Taryn Fergel


Student Researcher


Taryn Fergel is a 2025 PharmD candidate who is also pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychological Sciences. She has worked at Hy-Vee pharmacies since January 2021. Her future research plans entail neuropharmacology research with the possibility of behavior analysis in regard to pharmacological testing (opioids and/or other neurological drugs). She plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Neuropharmacology after completing her Bachelor's degrees. Currently she is working under the USPHS JR/SR COSTEP program and hopes to get sponsored by the FDA or CDC in order to conduct this research under these agencies. She is also interested in data and research analysis in this field. She has helped establish the Strengthening Families Program in Brookings and with some other projects working toward reducing stigma and raising awareness of abuse, both physical and substance based. In the future, she hopes to branch more into data analysis and is hoping to continue with SFP. She chose to work with CPIC to gain research experience both in the psychological field as well as with public health and possibly pharmacy. This experience has opened her eyes to a much broader body of research and is excited for this experience in the field of public health.