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Sanjeev Anand

Sanjeev Anand


Interim Department Head/Professor

Office Building

Alfred Dairy Science Hall



Mailing Address

Alfred Dairy Science Hall 113D
Dairy & Food Science-Box 2104
University Station
Brookings, SD 57007


Food microbiologist with about 40 years of teaching and research in microbial quality and food safety. Trained in quality systems: GLP Inspector (OECD recognized), Lead Auditor: Food Safety Management Systems (RABQSA recognized), HACCP Implementation (DNV recognized), Lead Auditor: ISO 9000:2000 (IRCA recognized), Lead Assessor: ISO 17025 (ILAC/APLAC recognized), Master Online Instructor, Certified.


Ph.D., Dairy Microbiology, 1986: National Dairy Research Institute, India.
M.S., Dairy Bacteriology, 1981: National Dairy Research Institute, India.
B.Sc., Biological Science, 1978: Kurukshetra University, India.

Academic Interests

Dairy/Food Microbiology
Food Safety

Academic Responsibilities

DS 301-301L - Dairy Microbiology
DS 722 - Advanced Dairy and Food Microbiology
MICR 311-311L - Food Microbiology
DS 498 - Undergraduate Research
DS 798 - Thesis
DS 898D - Dissertation

Committee Activities

Editorial Board Member, J. Dairy Sci. (2018-present)
Member, ADSA Foundation Board (2019-2022)
Member, Program Committee, Dairy Foods, ADSA 2021, Annual meeting
Member, Program Committee, Dairy Foods, ADSA 2020, Annual meeting
Chair, Dairy Foods, Products (T2), Oral Session. Virtual ADSA 2020, Annual Meeting
Chair, Dairy Foods: Products, Symposium Session, ADSA 2019
Member, Dairy Foods Division, American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) (2017-19)
Chair, Dairy Foods: Microbiology, Symposium Session, ADSA 2013
Vice-Chair, Food Safety, Symposium Session ADSA 2013
Chair, Graduate Oral Competition: Dairy Foods, ADSA 2012
Member, Graduate Oral Competition: Dairy Foods, ADSA 2011
Chair, Food Safety, Symposium Session ADSA 2010
Member, Dairy Research Institute, USA, Food Safety sub-Committee (2011)

ABS College Tenure and Promotion Committee (2016-2019)
Member, Dairy Plant HACCP Committee, SDSU (2014-present)
Chair, Dairy Plant Manager Search Committee (2013 and 2021)
Department Representative, Briggs Library, SDSU (2014-present)
Department Representative, Honors College, SDSU (2013-present)
Department Representative, ABS Strategic Planning Committee (2012-2013)
Department Representative, Functional Genomics Core Facility, SDSU (2007-present)

Post Docs and Visiting Professors
1. Dr. Neha Singh. 2019-20. WGS approach for understanding environmental Listeria monocytogenes.
2. Dr. Nuria Garcia-Fernandez, 2016-17. Enzyme based bio cleaners for membrane biofilms.
3. Dr. Latha Sabikhi. 2010. Principal Scientist and Head, Department of Dairy Technology, National Dairy Research Institute, India. Anti-tumor activity of starter culture produced CLA.

Current Graduate Advisees:
1. Steve Beckman, Ph.D. (Plant Manager, Davis Dairy Plant, SDSU)
2. Vaishali Poswal, Ph.D. Dairy Manufacturing. (Recipient of 2024 MN-IFT Travel Scholarship)
3. Rakesh Kaushik, MS. Dairy Manufacturing (Recipient of 2024 MN-IFT Travel Scholarship, 2024 Grad Student Online Instructor Certification, 2024 Science Communication Fellow, 2024 Silver Graduate Professional Academy Certificate)

Past Graduate Advisees:

29. Sheetal Jha, M.S. 2023. Developing a natural bio-sanitizer for the effective removal of resilient biofilms from dairy separation membranes. (2022-23 the very first recipient of the “Dr. Dash Scholarship Award for Academic Excellence” as well as the “MNIFT Travel Scholarship”, 2022 IFT First: Dairy Foods Division, 2022 Tom Imbordino memorial dairy science scholarship, 2022 IFT Think Tank Contest, Ist place, 2022 Gamma Sigma Delta, Poster Contest, 2nd Place, 2022 3A-SSI Travel Award, 2021 ADSA 3 MT Thesis Challenge, Ist place, 2021 Science Communication Fellowship (NSF/EPSCoR), 2022 MN IFT Scholarship for Graduate Students)
28. Bhaswati Chowdhury. M.S. 2023. Control of persistent environmental listeria monocytogenes using phenotypic and genomic approaches. (2023 Tom Imbordino Memorial Dairy Science Scholarship, 2022-23 MNIFT Scholarship for Graduate Student in M.S program” as well as the “MNIFT Travel Scholarship”, 2023 3MT competition, SDSU, 3rd place, 2022 IFT First: Dairy Foods Division (Lead), 2022 Science Communication Fellowship (NSF/EPSCoR), 2022 FMI Food Safety Auditing Scholarship, 2022 3MT Thesis contest ADSA Ist place, Ruth M. Patrick travel scholarship 2022 IFT FIRST, 2022 IFT Think Tank Contest, 2nd place, 2022 3A-SSI Travel Award, 2022 Speedy Science Phi Tau Sigma UMN Chapter, 3rd place, 2022 SDSU 3MT Thesis Award, 2nd Place, 2022 MN IFT Scholarship for Graduate Students)
27. Taghreed Almalki, Ph.D. 2023. Evaluation of welded and polished stainless-steel surfaces in supporting sporeformer biofilms in dairy plants. (3-A SSI 2023 Dr. Ron Schmidt Award, Judge, 2022 Gamma Sigma Delta Graduate Student Poster Contest)
26. Kritika Gaba, M.S. 2023. Development of probiotic whipped cream and butter using whey protein hydrolysate-encapsulated probiotic organisms. (2022-23 “Dr. Dash Research Scholarship Award in the Area of Gut Health”, 2023 3MT competition, SDSU, 2nd place, 2022 IFT First: Dairy Foods Division, 2022-23 Excellence in GTA Teaching Award, 2022 Science Communication Fellowship (NSF/EPSCoR), 2022 3MT thesis contest ADSA, 2nd Place, 2022 Gamma Sigma Delta, Poster Contest, 3rd Place, 2021 Sigma Xi Research Competition, Ist place; 2022 & 2021 Tom Imbordino memorial dairy science scholarship; 2021 Lallemand Forward Masters scholarship)
25. Ratul Kalita, M.S. 2022. To study the factors influencing the sampling variability on microbiological analysis of milk and whey. (2022 3A-SSI Travel Award, 2021 Gamma Sigma Delta Graduate Student Poster Contest, Ist Place)
24. Shayanti Minj, Ph.D. 2021. Developing whey protein encapsulated probiotics and evaluating environmental Listeria using whole-genome sequencing. 2022 SDSU Commencement Student Speaker, Recipient of 2021 ADSA Graduate Student Poster Contest Ist place, and ADSA 3MT Thesis Challenge 3rd Place, 2021 SDSU Virtual 3MT Thesis Competition Award, 2nd place in Ph.D. Paper category of Sigma Xi 2021 Research Competition.
23. Kaavya Rathnakumar. Ph.D. 2021. Milk phospholipids extraction using switchable solvents (Co-Advised). Recipient of 2nd place in the 2021 3 MTH competition, 2021 MN IFT graduate student scholarship, 2020 LandO'Lakes Award.
22. Pratishtha Verma. M.S. 2020. A natural antimicrobial from Bacillus subtilis as a biosanitizer for resilient membrane biofilms.
21. Nancy Awasti. Ph.D. 2019. Influence of sporulation and germination behavior of Bacillus licheniformis on microbial quality of skim milk powder.
20. Pratibha Chaudhary. M.S. 2019. Hydrodynamic cavitation as an in-line process to control common dairy sporeformers.
19. Neha, N. Ph.D. 2019. Assessing Listeria risk during different stages of ice cream manufacturing and storage. Recipient of Excellence in GTA teaching Award 2018, ADSA Graduate Oral Contest 2018, SDSU 3 min Graduate Thesis Award 2018, Joseph F. Nelson Award 2017-18, Gamma Sigma Delta Graduate Poster Competition 2018, ADSA 3 min Graduate Thesis Award 2017.
18. Dalia Khan, M.S. 2017. Studying microflora of semi-hard cheese, and sporulation within contact surface biofilms.
17. Taghreed Almalki, M.S. 2017. Effect of ultrasonication on the biofilm-forming ability of common dairy sporeformers.
16. Nuria Garcia-Fernandez, Post Doc. 2017. Evaluating enzyme formulations for biofilm removal from dairy separation membranes.
15. Shivali Jindal, M.S. 2017. Biofilm formation by common dairy sporeformers on native and modified stainless steel surfaces. Recipient of the 2017-2018 SDSU Distinguished Master’s Thesis Award, sponsored by the Graduate School.
14. Dikshi Bawa, M.S. 2016. Inactivation of thermoduric sporeformers and spores in milk by continuous ultrasonication and hydrodynamic cavitation in combination with thermal treatments.
13. Nuria Garcia-Fernandez, Ph.D. 2016. Role of exopolymeric substances in biofilm formation on dairy separation membranes.
12. Somil Gupta, M.S.2015. Studies related to microbially induced corrosion of stainless steel 304 and 316.
11. Khilendra Bhanduriya, M.S. 2015. Microbial aspects related to thermoduric bacteria during cheese manufacturing and ripening.
10. Sowmya Marka, M.S. 2014. Modifications of a typical CIP protocol to control biofilms on dairy processing membranes.
9. Kim Buehner, M.S. 2014. The incidence of spores and thermoduric bacteria in Midwest dairies and commercial NFDM samples and their reduction via ultrasonication.
8. Akimoto Ichinomiya, M.S. 2014. Development and optimization of food-grade antimicrobial lactic acid bacteria isolated from raw milk. (Co-advised)
7. Joan Hegerfeld-Baker, Ph.D. 2013. Influence of STEM education and technology in selecting food and agriculture careers. (Co-advised)
6. Som N. Khanal, M.S. 2012. A study on the effectiveness of ultrasonication in inactivating thermoduric aerobic sporeformers and spores in nonfat milk.
5. Diwakar Singh, M.S. 2012. Evaluation of a typical CIP protocol to control bacterial biofilms on whey reverse osmosis membranes.
4. Robert John Jjuuko, M.S. 2012. Antibiotic residues in feed (DDGS) and Food. Health and Nutritional Sciences. (Co-Advised).
3. Maneesha S. Mohan, M.S. 2011. Enhancement of conjugated linoleic acid content in cheddar cheese by combining dietary manipulation of cattle and CLA-producing starter culture.
2. Mallika Avadhanula, M.S. 2011. Formation of bacterial biofilms on spiral wound reverse osmosis whey concentration membranes.
1. Ashish Pandit, M.S. 2009. Development of Cheddar cheese with enhanced conjugated linoleic acid by lactic acid bacteria.

Undergraduate Research Advising: 35 Advisees

Awards and Honors

-Fishback Honors College, Certificate of Faculty Appreciation, Recognized by Honors graduating student Nolan Lee
-Outstanding Researcher Award. College of Agricultural, Environment and Food Sciences, The Division of Research and Economic Development.
-SDSU Excellence in Graduate Student Mentoring award. Graduate School.
-Commencement SDSU - represented Graduate School by carrying the Banner.
-USDA Excellence in College and University Teaching Award, North Central Region, for Food and Agricultural Sciences by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities.
-IDFA Research Award (National) in Dairy Foods Processing, International Dairy Foods Association, American Dairy Science Association
-Fishback Honors College, Honors Advocate of the Year Award
-CAFES: Faculty Spotlight
-SDSU Gamma Sigma Delta Teaching Award
-Fishback Honors College, Certificate of Faculty Appreciation, Recognized by Honors graduating student Maggie Becher
-Fishback Honors College, Certificate of Faculty Appreciation, Recognized by Honors graduating student Marie Zander
-SDSU: Faculty Feature
-IDFA Teaching Award (National) in Dairy Manufacturing, International Dairy Foods Association, American Dairy Science Association
-Fishback Honors College, Certificate of Faculty Appreciation, Recognized by Honors graduating student Logan Johnson
-Master Online Instructor Certification
-SDSU University Academic Leadership Training Program
-Advanced Online Instructor Certification
-Academic leadership Cohort Program (10 months)
-Best Teacher Award, National Dairy Research Institute (Deemed University), Indian Council of Agricultural Research
-Prof. J.V. Bhat Memorial Award (Food Microbiology Research), Association of Food Scientists and Technologists, India
-Dr. K.K. Iya Award (Dairy Processing Research), National Dairy Research Institute (Deemed University), Indian Council of Agricultural Research.
-DBT Overseas Associateship, Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India.

Professional Memberships

ADSA-Dairy Foods Division Council, Member-At-Large (2017-2020)
ADSA (2007-present); FAO-JECFA (2007-11)
Food Safety Directory, USDA (2007-present)
Expert Member, IDIP (2013-present)
Chair, ADSA Symposia: Food Safety (2015)
Dairy Foods: Microbiology (2013)
Graduate Oral Contest (2012)
Food Safety (2010)

Work Experience

Professor SDState University (2014-present), Associate Professor (2009-14), Assistant Professor (2006-09); Agricultural Research Services (ARS), Indian Council of Agricultural Research (1985-2006); Principal Scientist (Professor), National Dairy Research Institute (Deemed University); Post Doc: Canadian Research Institute for Food Safety, UOG, ON (2001-02)

Creative Activities

Spore Workshop for Dairy Industry-available on request

144 Peer-reviewed journal articles and reviews
143 Abstracts in Scientific Conferences and Symposia
93 Invited professional lectures
17 Book and Encyclopedia chapters
08 Scientific/ Workshop manuals
28 Articles in professional magazines

List of publications:

Area(s) of Research

Hatch Project:

Current: Whey protein hydrolysates and probiotics based formulations and product development, WGS approach for Listeria control in dairy processing environment; Bacterial biofilms control in dairy processing, Biosanitizers and enzyme cleaners, Bio-corrosion of SS surfaces. Dairy thermodurics and Sporeformers, Statistical process control through product sampling solutions.
Completed: Quorum sensing and microbial pathogenesis, Disease predisposition mol markers, Microencapsulation, Probiotics and Competitive inhibition, CLA enhanced cheese, Predictive microbiology, Natural bio-preservatives, , Role of ultrasonication, hydrodynamic cavitation.