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Melody Jewell

Melody Jewell


Senior Lecturer

Office Building

Avera Health and Science Center



Mailing Address

Avera Health & Science 371
Chemistry-Box 2202
University Station
Brookings, SD 57007


Jewell-CVSeptember2016.pdf(60.21 KB)


Ph.D. Paper Science and Engineering, University of Minnesota, 2002
M.S. Paper Science and Engineering, University of Minnesota, 1999
B.A. Chemistry, University of Minnesota, 1997
B.S. Biology, University of Minnesota, 1997

Academic Responsibilities

I primarily teach courses in the General, Organic and Biochemistry sequence for non-science majors and the General Chemistry sequence. Related to this, I co-author lab manuals and co-coordinate labs for the GOB and General Chemistry labs. I also teach our first-year seminar and peer-mentor courses and I am the advisor for the Chemistry Club.

Awards and Honors

Excellence in Teaching Award (University Center) - 2017

Area(s) of Research

My scholarly interests lie in chemistry education and exploring topics like how students connect knowledge between macroscopic, microscopic and symbolic representations. I am also heavily involved in our M.S. in Chemistry Education for science teachers program as I mentor and advise students through the development and presentation of an action research project.