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Mary Emery

Mary Emery


Department Head/Professor of Sociology & Rural Studies

Office Building

Hansen Hall



Mailing Address

Hansen Hall 004
Sociology & Rural Studies-Box 670A
University Station
Brookings, SD 57007


Curriculum Vita 2016.pdf(411.38 KB)


PhD, Rutgers University

Academic Interests/Expertise

community and rural development, wellness, applied sociology, leadership development, entrepreneurship,distance education, leadership development, Appreciative Inquiry, coaching, conservation planning.

Academic Responsibilities

Qualitative methods, evaluation, leadership development, community development, rural sociology/rural development, non profit management.

Specialty Area

  • Community/Rural Development, Wellness, Applied Sociology

Extension Responsibilities

Dr. Emery has done training in community coaching and Appreciative Inquiry. She also facilitates a variety of meetings.

Awards and Honors

Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Association: Making and Impact Award, 2014.
Community Development Society: Duane L. Gibson Distinguished Service Award, 2012.
Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Association: Great Ideas Award, 2010.
Innovative Program award given to the Great Plains IDEA On-line Master’s Degree in Community Development Team, 2008.
Iowa Distance Learning Association, Innovators Award, given to the Great Plains IDEA On-line Master’s Degree in Community Development Team, 2008.
Community Development Society, Community Development Achievement Award, 1999.
President’s Award, Lewiston-Clarkston YWCA, 1995


Rural Futures Sub contract; needs assessment for the Ag Heritage Museum, Needs assessment for Hunkpati, Co-PI NCRCRD energy impact networking grant; co-PI US Russia Peer to Peer grant. Sub contract on Kellogg Food and Fitness Initiative, Sub contract on NSF ATE grant to Lewis Clark State College, Sub contract with the Forest service, sub contract with College of Menominee Nation on USDA research grant.

Professional Memberships

Community Development Society (past President), Rural Sociology Society (Rural Studies editor), American Evaluation Ass., National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals, Great Plains Sociology Ass.,Great Plains IDEA.

Creative Activities

Emery, M., Higgins, L, Chazdon, S, & Hansen, D. 2015. “Using ripple effect mapping to evaluate program impact: Choosing or combining the methods that work best for you.” Journal of Extension.
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Flora, C. and M. Emery. 2011. "Vocational Learning by and for Native America in the United States of America." Falk, I. R. Wallace and R. Catts (eds), Vocational Learning: Innovative Theory and Practice. New York, New York: Springer Publications.
Recent Invited Presentations:

“Using the Community Capitals to Map Impact.” Deadwood Neighborworks, March 8. 2012

With Meredith Redlin, “The Role of Social Science in Bioenergy Research,” South Dakota Biofuels Consortium, Rapid City, March 9.

“Capacity Building for Sustainable Organizational Development,” Disparities in Diabetes National Convening, WDC: March 29, 2012.
Emery, M. 2012. "Coaching for Community Change" and "Making Communities Stronger in Challenging Times.” Boise, Idaho: Northwest Community Development Institute.
Emery, M. 2012. “Social Sciences Presentation.” Center for Bioprocessing Research and Development Annual Advisory Committee Meeting, Rapid City.
Emery, M. 2012. Invited facilitator, Search Conference for AFRO Food Security Grant. Virginia.
Emery, M. 2012. “Building Capacity.” National Alliance to Reduce Disparities in Diabetes.” Annual conference, Washington, DC.
Emery, M. 2011 “Community Coaching for SET.” Invited webinar presentation for the Southern Rural Development Center and USDA Rural Development.
Emery, M. 2011. “Change, Ethics, and Sustainability.” University of Missouri Community Development Academy, St. Louis.
Emery, M. 2011. “Achieving Healthy Lifestyles.” Second Annual Native American Health Care Conference, Las Vegas

Professional Paper and Poster Presentations:

Emery, M. 2011. “Capacity building and evaluation: sustainable organizational development. American Evaluation Association, Anaheim, CA.
”Emery, M. 2011. “Using the community capitals framework to evaluation community wellness project.” American Evaluation Association, Anaheim, CA.
Emery, M. Emery, M., B. Baker, and K. Nathaniel. 2011 “Using the community capitals framework to map project impact.” American Evaluation Association, Anaheim, CA.
Van Lopek, W. and M. Emery. 2010. "Climate Change and Indigenous Communities: Menominee Nation.”." Presented at the 2011 conference of the Community Development Society, Boise, ID.
Emery, M. and M Redlin. 2011. “Using complexity theory to understand efforts to address climate change policy formation.” ICASS conference, Iceland.
Emery, M. 2011. “Towards and understanding of the community change process: using the community capitals framework to evaluation the impact of 22 community wellness grants.” Austin, TX: National Rural Health Association, May.
Emery, M. 2011. “Online learning and real-time community and organizational change.” St Louis: US Distance Learning Society, May 4.
Emery, M. 2011. “Coaching for community change: results of a study of the impact of coaching on coaches and their organizations.” Charleston: National Association of Community Development Professionals, March.

Area(s) of Research

Currently, she is working with the Quality of Life data for SD. and analyzing data from a community change research project. She is part of a multi-state integrated project on youth development and community social capital. Dr. Emery co-convenes a multi-state project on community change.