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Maaz Gardezi

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Assistant Professor / NRM Affiliate Assistant Professor

Office Building

Hansen Hall



Mailing Address

Hansen Hall 004A
Sociology & Rural Studies-Box 0504
University Station
Brookings, SD 57007


My research aims to build sustainable social, environmental, and technological relationships in the US and abroad. I bring interdisciplinary theories and computational methods to the areas of (1) climatic risk and resilience, (2) anticipatory governance of technologies in agriculture and food systems (e.g. precision agriculture technologies), and (3) thinking about innovation in its responsible forms.

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PhD, Sociology and Sustainable Agriculture (Minor: Statistics), Iowa State University
M.S. Environmental Policy & Planning, University of Michigan
B.S. Economics, University of Bath, UK

Specialty Area

  • climate, food, and water security
  • governance of technologies
  • climate policy
  • advanced statistical methods



1. National Science Foundation (NSF). 2020-2024
Future of Work at the Human Technology Frontier- Research: Testing a responsible innovation approach for integrating precision agriculture (PA) technologies with future farm workers and work (Award # 2026431). Total Award: US$3 million.

2. National Science Foundation (NSF). 2019-2021
Future of Work at the Human Technology Frontier- Planning: Anticipating Risks and Benefits of Precision Agriculture (PA) for the Future of Agricultural Work and Workforce: A Multi-Stakeholder Research Agenda (Award # 1929814). Total Award: US$150,000.

3. Midwest Big Data Hub - Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Plant Sciences, and Education (UASPSE)
Early career researcher foreign collaboration grant: Understanding the digital divide in agriculture. Total Award: US$4,500. 2018-2019

4. South Dakota State University. Research and Scholarship Support Fund.
Examining the social and behavioral determinants of U.S. public’s support for climate change mitigation policy: A Bayesian meta-analysis. Total Award: US$1,872. 2018-2019

5. Computing Community Consortium (CCC) & Midwest Big Data Hub (MBDH).
Early Career Research Seed Funding. Total Award: US$3,500. 2016-2017


1. United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) - Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)
Roadmap to Water Resilience- Valuing Water as a Resource for Improved Ag Land Profitability and Reduction of Downstream Flood Risk”. Total Award: US$887,687; Dr. Gardezi’s share = US$90,000 (PI: Dr. John McMaine) 2020-2023

Area(s) of Research

Peer Reviewed Articles

1. Gardezi, M & Bronson, K. (2019) “Examining the social and biophysical determinants of U.S. Midwestern corn farmers’ adoption of precision agriculture”. Precision Agriculture.

2. Gardezi, M. & Arbuckle, J.G. (2019) “The influence of objective and perceived adaptive capacity on Midwestern farmers’ use of cover crops”. Weather, Climate and Society.

3. Gardezi, M. & Arbuckle J.G (2018). “Techno-optimism and farmers’ attitudes toward climate change adaptation.” Environment and Behavior.

4. Shao, W, Gardezi, M., Xian, S. (2018). “Examining the effects of objective hurricane risks and community resilience on risk perceptions of hurricanes at the county level in the U.S. Gulf coast: An innovative approach”, Annals of the American Association of Geographers. 108:5, 1389-1405

5. Gardezi, M. and Arbuckle, J. G. (2017). “Spatially representing vulnerability to extreme rain events using Midwestern farmers’ objective and perceived attributes of adaptive capacity”. Risk Analysis. https://doi:10.1111/risa.12943

Peer Reviewed Chapters

1. P. F. Biehl, S. Crate, M. Gardezi, L. Hamilton, S.L. Harlan, C. Hritz, B. Hubbell, T.A. Kohler, N. Peterson, J. Silva (2018). “Innovative tools, methods, and analysis: Social science perspectives on climate change, part 3.” Washington, DC: USGCRP Social Science Coordinating Committee.

2. Gardezi, M. & Illahe S (2019). “The five configurations of climate compatible development for poor natural resource dependent communities in Pakistan.” Sustainable Development Policy Institute Anthology.

3. Gardezi, Maaz (2013). “Historical perspective of the Indus river basin.” In L. Powell & S. Mittra (Eds.), Perspectives on Water: Constructing Alternative Narratives. New Delhi: Academic Foundation.

Book Review

1. Gardezi, Maaz (2016). “David A. Cleveland: Balancing on a planet: the future of food and agriculture, California Studies in Food and Culture.” Agriculture and Human Values, 33(2), 491-492. Book Review

Manuscript Under Review & in Progress

1. Maaz Gardezi, Semhar Michael, Ryan Stock, Sumit Vij, Ayorinde Ogunyiola and Asif Ishtiaque. “Prioritizing climate-smart agriculture: An organizational and temporal review,” under review

2. Sumit Vij, Robbert Biesbroek, Ryan Stock, Maaz Gardezi, Asif Ishtiaque, Annemarie Groot and Katrien Termeer. “Power-sensitive design principles’ for climate change adaptation policy-making in South Asia,” under review

3. Ryan Stock and Maaz Gardezi. “Make bloom and let wither: Biopolitics of precision agriculture at the dawn of surveillance capitalism,” under review

4. Sumit Vij, Ryan Stock, Maaz Gardezi, Asif Ishtiaque and Asim Zia. “Power in climate change policy-making in South Asia,” under review

5. Maaz Gardezi and Ryan Stock. “Growing algorithmic governmentality: Interrogating the social construction of trust in precision agriculture,” under review

6. Maaz Gardezi, Asim Zia and Ayorinde Ogunyiola. “Interrogating the guiding visions of sustainability transitions under precision agriculture,” in progress



Technology-Environment-Society (TES) Lab