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Lacey McCormack

Lacey McCormack


Associate Professor and Director, Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD)

Office Building

Wagner Hall



Mailing Address

Wagner Hall 415
Health & Nutritional Sciences-Box 2275A
University Station
Brookings, SD 57007


Dr. McCormack is an Assistant Professor and Director of the undergraduate Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD). She currently teaches graduate courses in Public Health Nutrition (NUTR 715) and Nutrition and Physical Activity Assessment and Evaluation (NUTR 751) and serves as Co-Advisor for the undergraduate Nutrition and Health Sciences Club. Her research examines how the rural environment shapes diet and physical activity behaviors across the lifespan. Additionally, she serves as an evaluation expert on several SDSU Extension-led projects.

Please see CV for additional information regarding publications, funding and professional activities and awards.


McCormack CV_2018.pdf(316.2 KB)


PhD Nutrition, Exercise and Food Sciences
South Dakota State University

MPH Public Health Nutrition
University of Minnesota School of Public Health

BS Dietetics
BS Health Promotion
South Dakota State University

Specialty Area

  • Nutrition
  • Public Health

Awards and Honors

2018 Dr. April Brooks Woman of Distinction Award
2016 College of Education and Human Sciences Outstanding Researcher
2015 Nominated for Dr. Sherwood and Elizabeth Berg Young Faculty Award
2015 South Dakota Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year


Ongoing Research Support

Stluka S, Burdette L, Meendering J, McCormack L. USDA Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) and South Dakota Department of Social Services. South Dakota SNAP-Ed. Overview: Nutrition and physical activity programming provided to SNAP eligible audiences by SDSU Extension.

Stluka SR, et al. DHHS through South Dakota Department of Social Services. Better Choices, Better Health South Dakota. Overview: An innovative chronic disease self-management program through funding of stipends, training materials, workshop promotion and ongoing program evaluation.

Stluka S, Burdette L, McCormack L, Meendering J. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 1809. Growing Healthy Food, Families, & Communities: Utilizing Community & School-Based Wellness Coalitions to Prevent Obesity in South Dakota Tribal Communities. Overview: SDSU Extension will implement evidence-based strategies that increase access to places that provide healthier foods and safe and accessible places for physical activity in two South Dakota counties (Buffalo and Ziebach) with an adult obesity rate over 40%.

Stluka S, et al. USDA Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive (FINI) 2018-70025-28153. Double Up Dakota Bucks! Working to Increase Fruit & Vegetable Purchases in Tribal Communities in North & South Dakota. Overview: Double Up Bucks incentive program on Standing Rock, Yankton Sioux, and Turtle Mountain reservations.

McGlade C, et al. USDA Food and Nutrition Service (FNS). FY 2017 WIC Special Project Grants. South Dakota WIC will collaborate with SDSU Extension and other organizations to optimize the delivery of nutrition education by utilizing Extension Nutrition Assistants to provide cooking education through demonstration and hands-on experiences.

Stluka S, et al. United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). South Dakota Team Nutrition Training Grant. South Dakota will partner with South Dakota State University Extension and other organizations to build statewide support for school breakfast and farm-to-school programs, in addition to continuing to strengthen nutrition education programs and fostering healthy school environments through the smarter lunchrooms movement.

Stluka SR, et al. USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA). Voices for Food: Utilizing Food Policy Councils to Bridge the Gap between Food Security and Healthy Food Choices. Overview: Six states (Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, and South Dakota) have combined efforts to implement an integrated community-based model in diverse rural food deserts to enhance food security.

Professional Memberships

South Dakota Public Health Association (2013-present)
-Board Member, Treasurer (2013-2015)

Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior (2013-present)

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (2004-present)

South Dakota Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (2004-present)
-Board member, Public Policy Coordinator (2013-2017)
-Chair, Public Policy Panel (2014-2017)
-Member, Scholarship Committee (2015-2016)

Applications of Research


1. Remley D, Franzen-Castle L, McCormack L, Eicher-Miller H. Chronic Health Condition Influences on Client Perceptions of Limited or Non-Choice Food Pantries in Low-Income, Rural Communities. American Journal of Health Behavior (in press).

2. McCormack LA, Meendering JR, Thiex NW, Hockett CW, Beare TM, Specker BL. Comparison of Physical Activity by Lifestyle Between Two Rural Pediatric Population Groups. South Dakota Medicine (in press).

3. McCormack L, Brandenburger S, Wells K, Stluka S. Qualitative analysis of grocery store and farmer’s market manager perceptions regarding use of fruit and vegetable educational materials. Journal of Human Science and Extension (in press).

4. Stluka SR, Moore L, Eicher-Miller H, Franzen-Castle L, Henne B, Mehrle D, Remley D, McCormack LA. Voices for Food: Methodologies for implementing a multi-state community-based intervention in rural, high-poverty communities. BMC Public Health. 18(1):1055. PMID:30139336

5. Eggert E, Overby H, McCormack L, Meendering J. Use of a model wellness policy does not increase the strength and comprehensiveness of written school wellness policies. Journal of School Health. 2018;88:516-523. PMID:29864208

6. Wright B, Bailey R, Craig B, Mattes R, McCormack LA, Stluka SR, Franzen-Castle L, Henne B, Mehrle D, Remley D, Eicher-Miller H. Daily dietary intake patterns improve after visiting a food pantry among food insecure rural Midwestern adults. Nutrients. 2018; 10(5). PMID:29747384

7. Leischner K, McCormack L, Britt B, Heiberger G, Kattelmann K. The healthfulness of entrees and student’s purchases in a university campus dining environment. Healthcare. 2018, 6(2):28. PMID:29565273

8. Overby H, Eggert E, Stluka S, McCormack L, Meendering J. PhotoVoice: Engaging school communities in wellness efforts. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 2018;50:203-205. PMID:29128321

9. Cantu-Jungles TM, McCormack LA, Slaven JE, Slebodnik M, Eicher-Miller HA. A Meta-Analysis to Determine the Impact of Restaurant Menu Labeling on Calories and Nutrients (Ordered or Consumed) in U.S. Adults. Nutrients. 2017;9. PMID:28973989

10. Weidauer L, McCormack L, Gorres-Martens B, Specker B. High prevalence of vitamin D insufficiency in farming and non-farming populations in South Dakota: Associations with parathyroid hormone, body fat and bone density. Topics in Clinical Nutrition. 2016; 31:204-212. doi:10.1097/TIN.0000000000000073

11. Meendering J, Kranz E, Shafrath T, McCormack LA. Bigger ≠ Better: The comprehensiveness and strength of school wellness policies varies by school district size. Journal of School Health. 2016;86:653-659. PMID: 27492934

12. McCormack L, Meendering J, Specker B, Binkley T. Associations between sedentary time, physical activity and DXA measures of total body, android and gynoid fat mass in children. Journal of Clinical Densitometry. 2016;19:368-374. PMID:27131888

13. Upadhyaya B, McCormack L, Fardin-Kia AR, Juenemann R, Nichenametla S, Clapper J, Specker B, Dey M. Impact of dietary resistant starch type 4 on human gut microbiota and immunometabolic functions. Scientific Reports. 2016;6:28797. PMID:27356770

14. Comstock C, Kattelmann K, Zastrow M, McCormack L, Lindshield E, Li Y, Muturi N, Adhikari K, Kidd T. Assessing the environment for support of youth physical activity in rural communities. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 2016;48(4):234-241. PMID:26852867

15. McCormack LA, Meendering J. Diet and physical activity in rural vs urban children and adolescents in the United States: A narrative review. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 2016;116(3):467-480. PMID:26685123

16. Wells K, Stluka S, McCormack L. Pick it! Try it! Like it!: A grocery store-based approach to increasing fruit and vegetable consumption. Journal of Extension. 2015;53(1) Article 1IAW5.

17. Smith E, Wells K, Stluka S, McCormack L. The impact of a fruit and vegetable intervention on children and caregivers. American Journal of Health Education. 2015;46(6):316-322. doi:10.1080/19325037.2015.1077487

18. Weidauer L, Binkley T, Beare T, Minett M, McCormack L, Wey A, Specker B. Do sex differences exist in rates of falls and fractures in Hutterite, rural, and non-rural populations, aged 20 to 66 years? Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research. 2015;473(8): 2514-2520. PMID:25762018

19. Baker D; Park C; Sweeney C; McCormack L; Durkin M; Brenner R; Dabelea D; Entwisle B. Recruitment of women in the National Children’s Study Initial Vanguard Study. American Journal of Epidemiology. 2014;179(11):1366-1374. PMID:24793429

20. McCormack LA, Friedrich C, Fahrenwald N, Specker BL. Feasibility and acceptability of alternate methods of postnatal data collection. Maternal and Child Health. 2014;18(4):852-857. PMID:23793486

21. McCormack LA, Sissing L, Friedrich C, Specker BL. Effect of small monetary incentive and demographic characteristics on response rate of self-administered questionnaire mailed to rural women. Online Journal of Rural Research and Policy. 2013;8(1):1-9.

22. McCormack LA, Binkley TL, Specker BL. Effect of level of farm mechanization early in life on bone later in life. Journal of Musculoskeletal and Neuronal Interactions. 2012;12(1):7-15. PMID:22373946

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25. Batada, A; Wootan, MG; Arneson, L. Better-For-Who? Revisiting company promises on food marketing to children. Center for Science in the Public Interest. November 2009. Available online at:

26. Wey CL, Beare T, Biskeborn K, Binkley T, Arneson L, Specker B. High bone density in young Hutterite children. Bone. 2009;44(3):454-460. PMID:19095089



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