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Joshua Leffler

Photo of A. Joshua Leffler


Associate Professor

Office Building

Edgar S. McFadden Biostress Lab



Mailing Address

McFadden Biostress Laboratory 141C
Natural Resource Management-Box 2140B
University Station
Brookings, SD 57007


1994 BS Biology, University of Utah
1999 PhD Biology, University of New Mexico

Academic Responsibilities

Teaching Contributions
- EES275 Introduction to Environmental Science
- RANG321 Wildland Ecosystems
- NRM464/564 Ecosystem Ecology

Professional Memberships

Ecological Society of America
Society for Range Management
American Geophysical Union
Associate Editor, Plant Ecology
Associate Editor, Bioscience

Area(s) of Research

My background is in plant physiological ecology and ecosystem ecology with a research focus on aridlands, grasslands, and arctic systems. In my work, I pay special attention to the impacts of climate change and land management on plant communities and greenhouse gas emissions. My research currently addresses two broad questions: (1) do interacting components of climate change such as warming and altered precipitation patterns amplify or dampen the consequences of climate change? (2) what are the consequences of different grazing technologies and schemes for carbon and nitrogen processes on rangelands?



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