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Jiyul Chang

Photo of Jiyul Chang
Title Lecturer
Office Building Berg Agricultural Hall
Room Number 210
Mailing Address South Dakota State University
Agronomy, Horticulture & Plant Science
SAG 210, Box 2207A
Brookings, SD 57007
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• Ph.D. in Agronomy, South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD, May 2002.
• M.S. in Agronomy, South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD, July 1997.
• B.S. in Biology, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, Feb. 1988.

Academic Interests/Expertise

• Geospatial analysis of field variations using GIS
• Analyzing Remote Sensing data for crop and nutrients management
• Making management zone maps/Prescription maps using various images (satellite and drone)

Academic Responsibilities

• PS/HO 285: Agricultural Computation
• PRAG 427/527: Precision Ag Data Mapping
• PRAG 440L/540L: Crop Management with Precision Farming Lab
• ABS 475: Integrated Natural Resource management and Lab (supporting)

Committee Activities

• Scholarship committee and Curriculum committee
• Curriculum committee

Area(s) of Research

• Geospatial analysis and mapping using GIS
• Remote sensing for crop and nutrients management
• Crop field mapping using various satellite images
• Quantifying GHG emission and soil organic matter in grazing fields
• Quantifying GHG emission from biochar treated soil
• Developing nutrient management zones
• Site-specific crop/fertilizer management (precision agriculture)
• Soil fertilities in different landscapes / Soil spatial variability
• Cropping systems: water use efficiency, nutrient use efficiency, C sequestration


Syngenta: Advanced Remote Sensing Project for Mapping Crop Fields (2012-2013): $39,000.

Awards & Honors

• The winner of Ph.D. Research Paper Competition on Sigma Xi of South Dakota State University Chapter (2001).
• Scholarship from Plant Science Graduate Student Association of South Dakota State University (2001).
• Scholarship from Biology Department in Yonsei University (1986).