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Jillian Songstad

Jillian Songstad


Student Researcher


Jillian Songstad works as a student researcher for CPIC and as a Pharmacy Intern at HyVee Pharmacy, and has prior experience as a pharmacy technician at Medicap Pharmacy of Hartford, SD. She is interested in several specialties in pharmacy, with a particular interest in areas of pharmacy assisting in the prevention and treatment of substance use disorder. She is a student researcher working on the project titled, “Stigma, Treatment, Avoidance, and Recovery in Time (START-SD) RCORP Program.” For this project, she has assisted in the setup and participated in the training of the upcoming Strengthening Families Program of Brookings. This is a program that plays a part in the prevention of substance abuse and reduces the likelihood of adverse childhood events. She has also participated in Narcan administration training, researched resources available for the treatment of substance use disorder of Native Americans, and has assisted in the event planning of Drug Take Back Day in Brookings. She decided to work with CPIC after learning that it was an opportunity to raise awareness and promote finding a solution to an issue that is meaningful to her. She wants to help prevent substance abuse, assist in making resources available for the treatment of substance use disorder, and combat the stigma of substance use disorder.