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Igor Sergeev

Igor Sergeev


Professor Emeritus of Health and Nutritional Sciences

Office Building

Wagner Hall



Mailing Address

Wagner Hall 447
Health & Nutritional Sciences-Box 2275A
University Station
Brookings, SD 57007


Igor Sergeev, Ph.D., D.Sc. has a broad research and teaching experience in nutrition and biochemistry. As professor of nutritional sciences at South Dakota State University, he directs research program in nutritional biochemistry and molecular nutrition. Dr. Sergeev achieved an international reputation through his work on vitamin D metabolism, vitamin D receptors, and cellular calcium signaling; he also pioneered studies on regulation of calcium and bone metabolism in long-duration space flight. Dr. Sergeev has significant experience in conducting clinical trials and observational nutritional studies focusing on the prevention and treatment of cancer and obesity.In the last decade, he has been recognized for his research in the role of calcium, vitamin D, and bioactive plant compounds in regulation of cell death (apoptosis). Dr. Sergeev has authored 117 major scientific publications, many of which are highly cited (MEDLINE/PubMed Google Scholar), given over 50 invited talks, and served on editorial journal boards (currently, Nutrients) and many advisory and grant review committees. Dr. Sergeev has received awards and nominations for his contributions to the fields of nutrition and biochemistry. His current research focuses on the development of novel nutritional approaches for the prevention and treatment of obesity and cancer and improving physical performance (vitamin D, calcium, bioactive food components). Dr. Sergeev has taught courses in Nutrition, Dietetics, Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology and mentored a number of graduate students and postdocs.