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Ian Charnley

Ian Charnley


Recruitment & Outreach Coordinator

Office Building

West Hall



Mailing Address

West Hall 227
College of Natural Sciences
University Station
Brookings, SD 57007


Enjoy the journey! A motto Ian lives by each day. Born and raised in Nebraska, Ian developed the value of community and seeking knowledge to understand the world around him. Ian would begin his academic journey studying the human mind, exploring the depths of psychology of all ages and stages of life. Conducting research on the effects of mindfulness techniques on stress to analyzing the complexity of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) on the human brain at Creighton University, Ian pursued learning about methods to help individuals achieve their full potential. After obtaining his Bachelors in Psychology, Ian's journey would continue down the path of mental health at Bellevue University. There, Ian studied and practiced therapeutic techniques on various mental disorders & issues (e.g. depression, anxiety, bipolar, PTSD, grief/loss).

Ian started his professional life as a licensed professional counselor. Ian practiced mental health therapy in various settings, including in-home therapy, juvenile detention centers, group homes, and in private practice. Ian practiced several years before life's journey took him out west to California where he entered the field of Human Resources. His knowledge and skill set transferred from helping individuals achieve personal new heights to now professional satisfaction & fulfillment. Ian's areas of focus included recruitment, training, and employee relation issues. Ian worked for a natural foods store called New Leaf Community Markets before working for the University of California - Santa Cruz (UCSC) as an employee relations analyst.

Ian's passion for enhancing the human condition continued to grow, looking for various ways to collaboratively support growth in those around him. Throughout his journey, Ian experienced the power of networking, connecting, and seeking of new knowledge. All of these things Ian identifies as being qualities higher education can bring. Now in his role as Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator for the College of Natural Sciences, Ian hopes to connect students, families, and community members to the opportunities which will expand their knowledge on the world around them. With this knowledge, each person can achieve new heights and begin to understand more of the world around them. And in return, Ian believes each person will feel more self-fulfillment and satisfaction within their life.


Bachelors of Arts - Psychology, Creighton University (2008)
Masters of Arts- Human Services, Bellevue University (2011)
Masters of Science - Clinical Counseling, Bellevue University (2011)