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Howard Wey

Photo of Howard Wey
Title Associate Professor (Brookings)
Office Building Wecota Hall
Room Number 341
Mailing Address South Dakota State University
College of Nursing
SWC 341, Box 2275
Brookings, SD 57007
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Specialty Area

  • Epidemiology, Toxicology, Environmental Health, Biostatistics


BS (Biology) Wright State University (Ohio) 1975; PhD (Toxicology) University of Cincinnati 1980; MS (Statistics) South Dakota State University 2006

Academic Interests/Expertise

Epidemiology study design and data analysis

Academic Responsibilities

HSc 445 Epidemiology; HSc 631 Biostatistics I; HSc 731 Biostatistics II; CSS 891 Statistical Methods for Epidemiology (spring 2011)

Research/Scholarship Responsibilities

Current Active Projects:
NIH/NIMHD, Collaborative Research Center for American Indian Health (U54); PI: Amy Elliott, Sanford Research. Project: “Culturally Targeted Education for Living Kidney Donation.” Role: Co-Investigator
USDA/NIFA SA1100182, Innovation and Collaboration: Creating a Transdisciplinary Childhood Obesity Prevention Graduate Program.” PI: Jessica Meendering (Exercise Science), Role: Co-investigator
USDA/NIFA SD00G425-12, “Voices for Food: Utilizing Food Policy Councils to Bridge the Gap Between Food Security and Healthy Food Choices.” PI: Suzanne Slutka (Nutrition Extension), Role: Co-investigator
South Dakota Department of Health, “Maternal & Child Health Epidemiology.” PI: Bonny Specker (Martin Program in Nutrition), Role: Co-Investigator

Applications of Research

Weidauer L, Minett M, Negus C, Binkley T, Vukovich M, Wey H, Specker B. 2014. Odd-impact loading results in increased cortical area and moments of inertia in collegiate athletes. Eur J Appl Physiology, in press.
Weidauer L, Wey H, Slater H, Moyer-Miluer L, Specker B. 2014. Estimation of length or height in infants and young children using ulner and lower leg length with DXA validation. Devel Med Child Neurology, in press
Nichenametla SN, Weidauer LA, Wey H, Beare TM, Specker BL, Dey M. 2014. Resistant starch type 4-enriched diet lowered blood cholesterols and improved body composition in a double-blind controlled crossover intervention. Mol Nutr Food Res, in press.
Samra HA, McGrath, JM, Wey H, Schumacher, B, Fischer S, and Jorgenson B. 2013. The influence of geographic isolation on late preterm infant and mother outcomes. Advances Neonatal Care 13(3): 205-215.
McCann A, Kemmer, T, Jensen, B, and Wey H. 2012. Parents’ awareness of their fifth graders’ weight status in rural South Dakota. Topic Clinical Nutrition 27(4): 348-355.
Johansen LJ, Stenvig, T, and Wey H. 2012. The Decision to Receive Influenza Vaccination Among Nurses in North and South Dakota. Public Health Nursing 29(2): 116-125.
Sudhagoni, RG, Wey H, Dijra GD, and Specker BL. 2012. Longitudinal Effects of Fat and Lean Mass on Bone Accrual in Infants. Bone 50(3): 638-642.
Wey H, Binkley T, Beare T, Wey C, Specker S. Cross-Sectional versus Longitudinal Associations of Lean and Fat Mass with pQCT Bone Outcomes in Children. J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab. 96(1): 106-114, 2011.
Specker, B.L., Wey, H.E., and Smith, E. Rates of Bone Loss in Young Adult Males. International Journal of Clinical Rheumatology 2010, 5(2), 215-228.
Specker, B, Wey, H, Binkley, T, Beare, T, Smith, E, and Rauch, F. Higher BMC and Areal BMD in children and grandchildren of individuals with hip or knee replacement. Bone 2010, 46(4), 1000-1005.
Wey H, Beare T, Donnelly K, Binkley T, Specker S. Role of Lean and Fat Mass on Bone Accrual in Hutterite Children Aged 8-19 Years. (abstract) Pediatric Academic Societies, 2009.
Jensen, B, Kattelman, K, Ren, C, and Wey, H. The Efficacy of KidQuest: A Nutrition and Physical Activity Curriculum for 5th and 6th Grade Youth. Journal of Extension 2009, 47(3), 1-16.
Wey H, Beare T, Donnelly K., Wey C, Binkley T, Specker S. Heritability of grip strength and total body lean mass in a Hutterite population. (abstract) International Workshop for Musculoskeletal & Neuronal Interactions, 2008.
Koenig C, Wey H, Binkley T. Precision of the XCT 3000 and Comparison of Densitometric Q1 Measurements in Distal Radius Scans Between XCT 3000 and XCT 2000 Peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography Scanners. J. Clin. Densitometry 2008, 11:575-580.