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Howard Bonnemann

Howard Bonnemann



Office Building

Alfred Dairy Science Hall



Mailing Address

Alfred Dairy Science Hall 130
Dairy & Food Science-Box 2104
University Station
Brookings, SD 57007


M.S., Dairy Manufacturing, 1984: South Dakota State University, Brookings SD.
B.S., Dairy Manufacturing, 1982: South Dakota State University, Brookings SD.
B.S., Chemistry, 1987: South Dakota State University, Brookings SD.

Academic Interests

Managerial functions associated with keeping a dairy manufacturing plant operating according to state and federal mandates. Other areas of interest are stabilization systems for dairy-based foods and modification of production parameters to achieve optimum product quality with available materials and equipment.

Academic Responsibilities

DS 130 - 130L - Introduction to Dairy Science
DS 202 Dairy Products Judging
DS 231 Dairy Foods
DS 301L Dairy Microbiology Lab
DS 321- 321L - Dairy Product Processing I
DS 322 – 322L Dairy Products Processing II
DS 400 - 400L - Dairy Chemistry and Analysis
DS 421- 421L - Dairy Plant Management
DS 491 – Independent Study
DS 494 Internship
DS 496 Field Experience
DS 498 – Undergraduate Research
FS 491 – Independent Study

Committee Activities

CAFES representative to the Academic Affairs sub-committee involved with Academic Evaluation and Assessment

Awards and Honors

2021 Timothy J. Nichols Outstanding Undergraduate Academic Advising Award
2018 NACADA Region 6 Excellence in Advising - Faculty Advisor Award
2014 Walter McCarty Advising Award in Agriculture and Biological Sciences


Baer, R. J., and H. H. Bonnemann. 2013. Method for removing an oxidized off-flavor from milk. US Patent No. 8475864.
U. S. Patent 8,771,779 issued July 8, 2014.

Professional Memberships

Coordinator for FFA Milk Quality and Products Career Development Events within South Dakota and regionally with Minnesota. Member of the National FFA steering committee for the Milk Quality and Products CDE.
Secretary/Treasurer of the South Dakota State Dairy Association.

Work Experience

Lecturer, SDSU Dairy and Food Science Department - 2013 - present
Instructor, SDSU Dairy Science Department - 1997 - 2013
SDSU Dairy Plant Manager - 1997 - 2010
Product Development Manager - Century Foods International - 1996-97
Product Development Manager - Continental Colloids - 1990 - 1995
Quality Control Manager - Brown Swiss/Gillette Dairy of the Black Hills - 1987-1990
High School Science teacher - Wall, SD - 1986-87