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Filip Viskupic

Filip Viskupic


Assistant Professor of Political Science

Office Building

Lincoln Hall



Mailing Address

Lincoln Hall 329
School of American & Global Studies-Box 2212
University Station
Brookings, SD 57007


Dr. Filip Viskupič is an Assistant Professor of Political Science in the School of American and Global Studies. He is also a Research Associate at The SDSU Poll and the Editor of Journal of Undergraduate Research. His research is interdisciplinary in scope and lies at the intersection of political science, psychology, and public health.


PhD, Political Science and International Affairs, 2019. University of Georgia, Athens, GA
MPhil, Political Science, 2013. Lingnan University, Hong Kong
BA, Politics, 2011. University of London, England


  • International relations
  • COVID-19 attitudes and behaviors
  • Academic Responsibilities

    Courses Taught:
    Current World Issues
    American Government
    Governments of the World
    Political Psychology
    American Foreign Policy
    Foreign Policy Decision-making
    International Relations of Asia Pacific
    Political Science Capstone
    Model United Nations

    Committee Activities

    Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Committee, Fall 2021-
    —Vice-chair, 2022-2023
    —Chair, 2023-

    Awards and Honors

    2022—Award for Outstanding Research in the Social Sciences, College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, South Dakota State University.
    2022—Sewrey Colloquium presentation in Research and Scholarship category, South Dakota State University.


    2022—McComish Interdisciplinary Faculty Research Program, College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, South Dakota State University, $9,000. With David Wiltse.
    2021—FY 2022 RSCA Challenge Fund, South Dakota State University, $15,000. Co-PI with David Wiltse, PI.
    2021—Collaborative Scholarship Fund, College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, South Dakota State University, $5,120. With David Wiltse and Brittney Meyer.

    Creative Activities

    19. Viskupič, F., & Wiltse, D. Attitudes toward annual COVID-19 boosters are highly structured by partisan self-identification and trust in government: Evidence from a longitudinal survey. Vaccine: X. Accepted for publication.
    18. Kayaalp, A., Viskupic, F., Wiltse, D. L., & Sublett, L. W. Older workers’ work attitudes and behaviors during COVID-19 pandemic: A mediational model. Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health. Forthcoming.
    17. Viskupič, F., & Wiltse, D. Drivers of COVID-19 Booster Uptake among Nurses. American Journal of Infection Control. Forthcoming.
    16. Viskupič, F., & Wiltse, D. Older Adults’ Attitudes toward Various COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates. Journal of Aging & Social Policy. Forthcoming.
    15. Viskupič, F., Celik Wiltse, E., & Wiltse, D. Pocketbook versus Identity? Farmers’ Attitudes towards International Trade. The Social Science Journal, Forthcoming.
    14. Viskupič, F., Wiltse, D., & Meyer, B. Beyond Vaccination: Messaging From Religious Leaders Can Help Increase Adherence to COVID-19 Mitigation Guidelines Following Vaccination. A Research Note. The Social Science Journal. Forthcoming.
    13. Viskupič, F. Experimental Evidence on Prestige Attribution in International Relations. The Social Science Journal. Forthcoming.
    12. Viskupič, F., & Wiltse, D. (2023). COVID-19 parental vaccine hesitancy among nurses in the State of South Dakota. Journal of Community Health, 48(2), 245–251.
    11. Viskupič, F., & Wiltse, D. (2023). Political Partisanship and Trust in Government Predict Popular Support for COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates for Various Professions and Demographic Groups: A Research Note. American Politics Research, 51(2), 139–146.
    10. Viskupič, F., Wiltse, D. & Kayaalp, A. (2023). Attitudes toward COVID-19 vaccine mandate: The role of psychological characteristics and partisan self-identification. Personality and Individual Differences, 206, 112119.
    9. Viskupič, F., & Wiltse, D. (2023). Trust in Physicians Predicts COVID-19 Booster Uptake Among Older Adults: Evidence from a Panel Survey. Aging and Health Research, 3(1), 100127.
    8. Viskupič, F., Wiltse, D. & Badahdah, A. (2022). Reminders of Existing Vaccine Mandates Increase Support for a COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate: Evidence from a Survey Experiment. Vaccine, 40(51), 7483-7487.
    7. Viskupič, F., Wiltse, D., & Meyer, B. (2022). Trust in Physicians and Trust in Government Predict COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake. Social Science Quarterly, 103(3), 509-520.
    6. Meyer B., Viskupič F., & Wiltse D. (2022) Understanding and overcoming COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in South Dakota. South Dakota Medicine, 75(3), 139-140.
    5. Viskupič, F., & Wiltse, D. (2022). The Messenger Matters: Religious Leaders and Overcoming COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy. PS: Political Science & Politics, 55(3), 504-509.
    5. Meyer, B. A., Viskupič, F., & Wiltse, D. (2022). Pharmacists to Partner with Religious Leaders to Overcome Vaccine Hesitancy Amongst Christians. Journal of the American Pharmacists Association. 62(1), 302–304.
    3. Viskupič, F. (2021) Status, Maintenance of Security, and Militarized Foreign Policy. Midwest Social Sciences Journal, 24(1).
    2. Viskupič, F. (2020). More Valuable than Blood and Treasure? Experimental Evidence on the Impact of Status on Domestic Preferences for Military Intervention. Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy, 26(4).
    1. Viskupič, F., & Atkinson, D. B. (2018). When States Resist: Regime Type, Relative Power, and Militarized Compellent Threats. Journal of Global Security Studies, 3(4), 431-443.

    Other Publications:
    3. Viskupič, F., & Wiltse, D. (2022, December 2). Nurses’ attitudes toward COVID-19 vaccination for their children are highly influenced by partisanship, a new study finds. The Conversation.
    2. Viskupič, F., & Wiltse, D. (2022, May 12). For some people, religious leaders might be most effective at communicating the importance of COVID-19 vaccination. The Conversation.
    1. Wiltse, D., & Viskupič, F. (2021, October 14). South Dakota’s wealth is in finance. South Dakotans still think it’s in farming. The Washington Post.

    Applications of Research

    Recent Media Appearances:
    AMC Northeast Public Radio (January 18, 2023)
    South Dakota Public Broadcasting (November 15, 2022)
    Dakota News Now (February 23, 2022)
    Rapid City Journal (September 16, 2021)



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