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David Davis

Professional Photo of David Davis



Office Building

Harding Hall



Mailing Address

Harding Hall 246
Economics-Box 2220
University Station
Brookings, SD 57007


David Davis is an empirical microeconomist. His research focuses on empirical industrial organization applied to food assistance programs, especially the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) .


B.S. - Economics, University of South Dakota
M.S. - Economics, University of Oregon
Ph. D. - Economics, University of Oregon (1998)

Academic Interests

The effect of WIC on the industrial organization of infant formula markets
Food Prices and government policy
Applications of panel data methods to empirical investigations of industrial organization and market power
Cross-section and time-series data methods.

Academic Responsibilities

ECON - 201 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON - 431 Managerial Economics
ECON - 707 Research Methods in Applied Economics
ECON - 751 Advanced Managerial Economics
DSCI - 424 Operations Research

Committee Activities

University Research and Scholarship Committee, Chair 2016-2017
WIC Food Package Review Committee, National Academies of Science, 2014-2016 Review

Professional Memberships

American Economic Association
Western Economic Association International
Southern Economic Association
American Agricultural Economic Association
Western Agricultural Economic Association

Area(s) of Research

Empirical Industrial Organization, Government Policy

Applications of Research

"Jahan, Nusrat, Leschewski, Andrea and Davis, David E.. ""Restaurant Tipping Discrimination: Evidence from a Representative Sample of US Households: "" Journal of Agricultural & Food Industrial Organization, vol. , no. , 2020, pp. 20200007.

Andrea M. Leschewski & David E. Davis (2020) The Nutritional Quality of Food Purchases at SNAP-Authorized and Unauthorized Non-Traditional Retailers, Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition, 15:6, 851-865, DOI: 10.1080/19320248.2020.1787289

David E. Davis, 2014 “Buyers Alliances as Countervailing Power in WIC Infant Formula Auctions, Review of Industrial Organization, vol. 45(2), 121-38.

David E. Davis, 2012 “Bidding for WIC infant formula contracts: Do non-WIC customers subsidize WIC customers?” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, vol. 94(1), 80-96.

Davis, David E., 2010, ""Prices, Promotions, and Supermarket Mergers,"" Journal of Agricultural & Food Industrial Organization, vol. 8 (1)

Chouinard, Hayley H., David E. Davis, Jeffrey T. LaFrance, and Jeffrey M. Perloff, 2010, ""Milk Marketing Orders: Who Wins and Who Loses?"" Choices, vol. 25(2).

Chouinard, Hayley H., David E. Davis, Jeffrey T. LaFrance, and Jeffrey M. Perloff, 2010, ""Milk Marketing Order Winners and Losers"", Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy, vol. 32(1), 59-76.

Chouinard, Hayley H., David E. Davis, Jeffrey T. LaFrance, and Jeffrey M. Perloff, 2007, “Fat Taxes: Big Money for Small Change,” Forum for Health Economics and Policy, vol. 10(2).

Davis, David E. and Gerald E. Schluter, 2005, ""Labor-Force Heterogeneity as a Source of Agglomeration Economies in an Empirical Analysis of County-Level Determinants of Food Plant Entry,"" Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, vol. 30(3), December.

Stewart, Hayden and David E. Davis, 2005, “Price Dispersion and Accessibility: A Case Study of Fast Food,” Southern Economic Journal, vol. 71(4), 784-799, April.

Davis, David E. and Wesley, W. Wilson, 2003 “Wages in Rail Markets: Deregulation, Mergers, and Changing Network Characteristics.” Southern Economic Journal, vol. 69(4), 865-885, April.

Davis, David E., and Wesley W. Wilson, 1999 “Deregulation, Mergers, and Employment in the Railroad Industry.” Journal of Regulatory Economics, vol. 15(1), 5-22 (lead article), January



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