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Christopher Schmit

Christopher Schmit



Office Building

Crothers Engineering Hall



Mailing Address

Crothers Engineering Hall 301
WEERC-Box 2219
University Station
Brookings, SD 57007


Dr. Schmit currently serves as a faculty member in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering as well as the Director of the Water and Environmental Engineering Research Center. Dr. Schmit joined the faculty in 1998 after receiving his doctorate degree in Environmental Engineering from Iowa State University. Dr. Schmit's primary research interests lie in the field of wastewater treatment, specifically in biological nutrient removal and anaerobic treatment of wastes. Dr. Schmit teaches several undergraduate and graduate courses in the Department primarily related to wastewater treatment.


B.S. Civil Engineering - UW-Platteville - 1991
M.S. Civil Engineering - Iowa State University - 1992
Ph.D. Civil Engineering - Iowa State University - 1997

Academic Interests

Industrial Waste Treatment
Muncipal Waste Treatment
Biological Principles of Environmental Engineering
Wastewater Treatment Plant Design
Design of Wastewater and Stormwater Collection Systems
Engineering Economics

Academic Responsibilities

CEE 323 Water Supply and Wastewater Engineering
CEE 423 Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection Systems
CEE 482 Engineering Administration
CEE 725 Biological Principles of Environmental Engineering
CEE 729 Wastewater Treatment Plant Design

Committee Activities

Campus Master Planning and Design
Student Union Advisory Committee

Awards and Honors

Edward Patrick Hogan Excellence in Teaching Award - SDSU
College of Engineering Researcher of the Year
Bedell Award - Water Environment Federation


Brookings Municipal Utilities: Performance and Evaluation of Wastewater Treatment Facility; Principal Investigator: Christopher Schmit; Co-Principal Investigatory: Guanghui Hua; Organization: South Dakota State University Brookings, SD; Date 7/1/2000 - Current; Current Award Amount; $256,127 Annually.

Department of Defense - US Army Research Office: The Role of Metals and Volatile Organic Compounds in Chemical Reactions and Mechanisms in Water and Soil, Award 70104CHRIP; Principal Investigator: Chris Schmit; Co-Principal Investigators: Guanghui Hua and Suzette Burckhard; Organization:South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD; Start Date 5/15/17; Award Amount: $256,127.

Professional Memberships


Creative Activities


1. S., Sadeghi, S., Burckhard, C., Schmit, B., Klein, 2019,” A Study of Toxic Dosage of Selenium and Hexavalent Chromium on Activated Sludge Bacteria”, International Journal of Water and Wastewater Treatment, 5 (1): 1-7.
2. S., Sadeghi, S., Burckhard, C., Schmit, 2019 " Respirometry Test Manual: WEERC Laboratory” Civil and Environmental Engineering Reports and Manuals, South Dakota State University, USA.
3. Hua, G., Salo, M.W., Schmit, C.G., Hay, C.H. (2016) “Nitrate and phosphate removal from agricultural subsurface drainage using laboratory woodchip bioreactors and recycled steel byproduct filters.” Water Research 102, 180-189.

Conference Papers

S., Sadeghi, S., Burckhard, C., Schmit, 2019 "The Effect of Heavy Metals Toxicity on Bacteria Performance in Aerated Activated Sludge", AWWA ACE19, June 13th 2019, Denver, Colorado, USA.
S., Sadeghi, S., Burckhard, C., Schmit, 2018 "Individual and synergistic effect of heavy metals on bacteria performance in activated sludge", The 12th Eastern South Dakota Water Conference, Oct 16th 2018, Brookings, SD, USA.
J. Neville, G. Hua, C. Schmit, 2019 “Pilot Scale Evaluation of E. Coli Filtration Removal From Stormwater Using Recycled Steel Byproduct” Presented at the 2019 Water Environment Federation Technical Exposition and Conference, September 20 through September 25, Chicago, IL.
C. Schmit, 2022 "Anaerobic digester fundamentals" SD Environment and Water Quality Conference (online).
C. Schmit, 2022 "PFAS treatment options" South Dakota Water and Wastewater Association Annual Conference, April 20-21, Sioux Falls, SD.

Area(s) of Research

Biological Nutrient Removal
Anaerobic Digestion
Lab scale bilogical studies
Aerobic/Anaerobic Respirometry
Kinetic Parameter Determination of Microconstituents