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Christopher Graham

Christopher Graham


Associate Professor/Extension Specialist-Agronomist

Office Building


Mailing Address

SDSU Extension West River Ag Center
711 N Creek DR
Rapid City, SD 57703


Originally a native of South Dakota, I came to SDSU in 2013. I obtained my BS from Arizona State University. After graduation, I spent a year in Mauritius as a Fulbright Scholar. I then completed an MPA at Columbia University and a PhD from Cornell University, working with Dr. Harold van Es on the nitrogen cycle with a focus on nitrous oxide emissions in agricultural fields. In between my university studies, I have had a number of different projects spread throughout both western and eastern Africa.


Chris Graham 2pg cv.pdf(100.3 KB)


PhD - Cornell University
MPA - Columbia University
BS - Arizona State University

Academic Interests

I have broad interests in the interactions between plants, soil and microbes as they affect nutrient and water flows, primarily in semi-arid climates

Nitrogen cycle
Plant physiology
Nitrogen fixation and pulse crops

Extension Responsibilities

My extension responsibilities largely coincide with my research efforts but also include conducting variety trials for spring wheat, winter wheat, oats, field peas, lentils, grain sorghum, forage sorghum and sunflower.

Area(s) of Research

I spend most of my time researching water and nutrients in semi-arid climates. Most of my work focuses on legumes and small grains. We have some work on cover crops and how they fit into semi-arid rotations where water is the primary limiting factor.

Applications of Research

- Nitrogen and water demands by mixed-species cover crops and the effects to a subsequent cash crop
- Using native rhizobia to increase N fixation in field peas and lentil
- Effects on nitrogen, carbon and microbial populations during the conversion of native prairie to rowcrops