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Charles Vollan

Charles Vollan


Associate Professor of History

Office Building

West Hall



Mailing Address

West Hall 119
School of American & Global Studies-Box 0510
University Station
Brookings, SD 57007


Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2004; MA, University of Tulsa, 1994; BA, Hiram College, 1991

Academic Interests/Expertise

American westward expansion, Native American history, social history, prohibition history

Academic Responsibilities

U.S. to 1877, U.S. from 1877, American Civil War and Reconstruction, Westward Expansion of the U.S., History and Culture of the American Indian, South Dakota History, America from WWI to the Great Depression, Historical Methods and Historiography

Committee Activities

Chair, Academic Appeals Committee, Workload Committee

Professional Memberships

American Historical Association, Western Historical Association, South Dakota State Historical Society

Creative Activities


“Bone Dry: South Dakota’s Flawed Adoption of Alcohol Prohibition,” South Dakota History 45 no. 3 (Fall 2015): 189-227

Wishart, David., ed. Encyclopedia of the Great Plains Indians. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2007. Assistant to the editor, and author of the following entries:

Big Crow, SuAnne; Casinos; Crow Dog, Leonard; Curtis, Charles; Deloria, Ella; Deloria, Vine V. Sr.; Driving Hawk Sneve, Virginia; Echo-Hawk, Walter; Fort Laramie Treaty; Indigenous [the well-known rock group]; Lame Deer, John; Means, Russell; Nebraska Indians [baseball team]; Peltier, Leonard; Pretty-On- Top, Janine Pease; Pretty Shield; Satanta; Silver Horn; Standing Bear, Luther; Te Ata; White Bull; Yellowtail, Robert; Yuwipi Ceremony.

Wishart, David., ed. Encyclopedia of the Great Plains. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2004. Assistant to the editor, and author of the following entries:

Bryan, William Jennings; Dustbowl Photographers; “Hell on Wheels” Towns; Jennings, Waylon; National Farmers Holiday Association; Nelson, Willie; Nye, Bill; Packard, David; Post, C.W.; Public Law 280; Stanley, John Mix; Wimar, Carl.

Conference papers and invited lectures:

“‘For God and Home and South Dakota’: The South Dakota Woman’s Christian Temperance Union’s Campaigns for Social Change.” Missouri Valley History Conference, Omaha, NE, March 6, 2015.

“‘What a Woman’s Vote Would Do’: The South Dakota Woman’s Christian Temperance Union’s Rise and Decline 1914-1933,” Dakota Conference, Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD, April 25, 2014.

“Bone Dry: Prohibition and Its Enforcement,” Northern Great Plains History Conference, Grand Forks, ND, October 15, 2010.

“Hell on Wheels: Urban History along the Union Pacific Railroad, 1865-1869,” North Dakota State University Department of History, November 21, 2008.

“‘Special Police,’ and Vigilantes: Upper-class violence in Hell-on-Wheels era Cheyenne, Wyoming, 1867-1869,” at the Missouri Valley History Conference, Omaha, NE, March 7, 2008

“Respectable Ladies, Working Women, and the Victorian Underworld in ‘Hell on Wheels’ Era Cheyenne, Dakota Territory, 1867-1869,” Northern Great Plains History Conference, Duluth MN, October 2007.

Book reviews:

We Are What We Drink: The Temperance Movement in Minnesota by Sabine Meyer. Middle West Review, in press.

Nebraska History, 4th ed. By James Olson, Ron Naugle, and John Montag. South Dakota History, in press.

Nature’s Noblemen: Transatlantic Masculinities and the Nineteenth-Century American West by Monica Rico. Great Plains Quarterly 35, no 2 (spring 2015): 217-218.

A Misplaced Massacre: Struggling Over the Memory of Sand Creek by Ari Kelman. Western Historical Quarterly 45 no. 1 (Spring 2014): 72-73. DOI:

The Indianization of Lewis and Clark, by William Swagerty. South Dakota History 44 no. 4 (winter 2014): 347-348.

I’ll Be Here in the Morning: the Songwriting Legacy of Townes Van Zandt by Brian T. Atkinson. Great Plains Quarterly 33 no. 4 (fall 2013): 264.

Steamboats West: The 1859 American Fur Company Missouri River Expedition by Lawrence Larsen and Barbara Cottrell eds., South Dakota History 41 no. 4 (winter 2011): 456.

Wyoming Range War: The Infamous Invasion of Johnson County by John W. Davis. Western Historical Quarterly 42, no. 3 (Autumn 2011): 402. DOI: http//

Seth Bullock: Black Hills Lawman by David Wolff. Western Historical Quarterly 41 no. 4 (winter 2010): 509-510.

A Remarkable Curiosity: Dispatches from a New York City Journalist's 1873 Railroad Trip across the American West by Amos Cummings. South Dakota History 39, no. 3 (fall 2009): 278-279

To Live’s To Fly by John Kruth and Robert Earl Hardy, A Deeper Shade of Blue: by Robert Earl Hardy. Great Plains Quarterly 29, no. 4 (Fall 2009): 339-340.

Roadside History of South Dakota, (Mountain Press Company, 1994) by Linda Hasselstrom, Great Plains Quarterly 16 no. 1 (Winter 1996): 77.

Area(s) of Research

Current project: Bone Dry: South Dakota’s Failed Experiment with Alcohol Prohibition.
The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union
Industrial Workers of the World
Native American