Cedric Neumann

Cedric Neumann


Associate Professor

Office Building

Chicoine Architecture, Mathematics and Engineering Hall



Mailing Address

Architecture, Math & Engineering Building 252
Math & Statistics-Box 2225
University Station
Brookings, SD 57007


2008 PhD in Forensic Science (magna cum laude), “New Perspectives in the Use of Ink Evidence in Forensic Science” @ Ecole des Sciences Criminelles, University of Lausanne
1998 BSc in Forensic Science @ Ecole des Sciences Criminelles, University of Lausanne

Specialty Area

  • Forensic science
  • Criminal justice
  • Statistical Pattern Recognition
  • Bayesian statistics

Awards and Honors

2016 Sherwood and Elizabeth Berg Young Faculty Award
2016 J.J. Lohr College of Engineering Young Investigator Award
2009 Certificate of Appreciation presented by the Under-Secretary for Homeland Security, in recognition of the important contribution of the Digital Ink Library of the United States Secret Service to U.S. law enforcement
2009 European Network of Forensic Science Institute (ENFSI) Emerging Forensic Scientist Award

Professional Memberships

American Statistical Association (US)
Royal Statistical Society (UK)
International Association for Identification
Member of the OSAC Chemistry/Instrumental Analysis Scientific Area Committee (US)

Work Experience

2015 - 2016 NSF / SAMSI Program - Statistics and Applied Mathematics in Forensic Science @ SAMSI, Raleigh, NC
2010 - 2013 Assistant Professor of Statistics and Forensic Science @ The Pennsylvania State University
2004 - 2010 Scientific Manager, in charge of R&D Forensic Interpretation Research Group (7 scientists) @ The Forensic Science Service
2007 - 2009 Lead for development of the digital ink library of the United States Secret Service @ Ecole des Sciences Criminelles, University of Lausanne

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